3 Generations Of An Indian Family Arrive In UAE For A Road Trip To London On Their 1950 MG YT

Indian Family Roadtrip
by Anupriya Mishra

Don’t we all plan that once-in-a-lifetime kind of journey that will stay with us for ages? Well, it seems that an Indian family that is currently in the UAE are living this dream. Yes, three generations of this family are on a road trip of their lifetime covering different countries after meticulously planning their journey for two years.

3 Generations Of An Indian Family On A Road Trip Of Their Lifetimes


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A recent report by Khaleej Times mentioned that three generations of an Indian family have set out on an epic road trip. Covering a whopping 12,000 km and 16 countries, the family is travelling from India to London. However, what sets them apart from others is that they are travelling in their beloved classic car, which is a 73-year-old 1950 MG YT. Yes, fondly called LalPari, which translates to Red Angel in English, Deval Thakore and his 21-year-old daughter, Devanshi Thakore are currently in the UAE awaiting the the customs clearance of their car. This epic trip comes to fruition after meticulous planning and restoration works of two years.

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The Family Is Currently In The UAE


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So, they have ordered not only spare parts for the cars from around the world but have also flown to the UK to get some parts that were not available in the country. So, to ensure the car could withstand all conditions! They tested the car in harsh temperatures of 45° C plus and even drove the vehicle in 3 feet of water! Not to mention, they even took the car to the mountains to ensure their journey is uninterrupted in all sorts of terrain. The family drove through several Indian landmarks before they got their car shipped to Dubai. Once the car is cleared at customs, the family will drive around the city, visiting iconic landmarks and then have their vehicle shipped to Iran. From there, they will begin their journey across 14 countries, including Albania, Germany, Azerbaijan, and France before they can arrive in the UK.

To ensure the journey is seamless, the car will be supported by a campervan which will accompany them throughout the journey. And they have lovingly called this vehicle Lalpari Ki Saheli, translating to the ‘Friend of Red Angel’.

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