4 Reasons Why You Must Travel With Your Mom At Least Once In Your Life

by Sanjana Shenoy
4 Reasons Why You Must Travel With Your Mom At Least Once In Your Life

You might have gone on trips with your girl gang, pilgrimage with your family or ventured out on a romantic getaway with your bae. But have you gone on a trip with your mom? Well, if you haven’t then our Chief Travelling Officer, Kamiya Jani will tell definitely inspire you to as she has gone on trips with just her mother, and had the time of her life. Last year she went on a last-minute trip to South Goa with her mother, Poonam Jani. The duo had a gala time catching up on life, and having heartfelt conversations during the trip. And through her experiences, here’s why you must travel with your mom at least once in this lifetime.

1. We Are Always Their First Priority

There is no bond which is as pure as a mother and child’s bond. Mothers are selfless and their love knows no bounds. So when you travel with your mother, whether you know it or not you will always be their first priority. This makes it all the more special to explore new places, gorge on exotic food and pamper yourselves having the most loving person in your life, by your side.

why you must travel with your mom

2. Your Mother Is Your Friend

You might think since your mother belongs to a different generation, she might be uncool. Wake up guys, your mother is one of the coolest people in town. If you get to know her much better and find out her interests you will be surprised to know her hidden talents, filmy crushes and her heartfelt desires. When you travel with her you can open up to her about anything and everything, yes she might be quite surprised or even appalled, but trust us she has your back no matter what.

3. She Is The Best Photographer

Kamiya Jani’s mother Poonam Jani is an amazing photographer. She lover to click umpteen photos of Kamiya while travelling and has a nice aesthetic sense about photography. Candid photos are her favourite. Your mother may not be so abreast with technology, but if it comes to capturing heartfelt moments of her child, any mother can instantly transform into an amazing photographer.

why you must travel with your mom

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4. She Takes Care Of You Like No One Else

When you go on a trip with your mom, don’t think you can get away without taking care of yourself. Your mother will make sure you have had your meals, you’re well-rested and healthy amid all the travelling. And if you’re staying in a studio apartment your mom will go one step ahead and prepare your favourite meals to make sure you experience home away from home. Travelling with your mother is a special experience that you will cherish for a lifetime. Did you know Mysuru Man Took His Mother On 48,000 km Pilgrimage On Scooter?

why you must travel with your mom

So now that we have given you wonderful reasons to travel with your mom. Onc this lockdown is lifted and it’s safe to travel again, do plan a trip with your mother and see your bond grow stronger with her.