40-YO Man Arrested At Bangalore Airport For Misbehaving With An Air Hostess On AirAsia Goa Flight

by Shreya Rathod
40-YO Man Arrested At Bangalore Airport For Misbehaving With An Air Hostess On AirAsia Goa Flight

Another horrible incident had taken place on an AirAsia flight where a passenger, a 40-year-old man, was arrested at Bangalore Airport for misbehaving with an air hostess. Here’s what happened on the plane.

AirAsia: 40-YO Man Arrested For Misbehaving With Air Hostess

AirAsia passenger
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A 40-year-old man on an AirAsia flight headed for Goa was detained at the airport in Bengaluru for intimidating a flight attendant. The event, according to the authorities, happened on September 13 just before the plane set off for Goa.

Anil Kumar, a 40-year-old passenger, allegedly misbehaved with the flight attendant by holding her hand and telling others that she was his close friend, according to the police. The attendant was furious and humiliated as the other passengers laughed.

Mr Kumar was led out of the plane by the airline staff, who then turned him over to the authorities. The offender was prosecuted under IPC Section 354 (assaulting a woman with the intent to offend her modesty) and the police also claimed that he was intoxicated, however, he is currently free on bail.

The statement by AIX Connect spokesperson stated, “A passenger behaved in an inappropriate manner with our cabin crew while boarding a flight from Bengaluru to Goa. The passenger was offloaded immediately, and a complaint was filed with the Bengaluru Airport Police Station. We also initiated action in accordance with our disruptive passenger handling policy and relevant regulations concerning the safety and comfort of passengers and airline personnel.”

It further read, “We prioritise the security and well-being of our guests and crew. We have a zero-tolerance approach to disruptive conduct on our flights.”

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Passengers’ Unruly Behaviour On Plane

AirAsia Man Misbehaving With Air Hostess
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On August 16, a SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Mumbai allegedly had a guy harass an air hostess. According to reports, the man made obscene remarks and took pictures of the flight hostess without getting her permission. On the social networking site Instagram, a video of the alleged sexual harassment by the passenger is making the rounds. The guy was seen in the video taking offensive recordings and pictures of the flight attendant and other women.

Another incident took place on an IndiGo flight from Bangkok to Mumbai. A 24-year-old member of the cabin crew alleges that a 63-year-old Swedish national molested her. In addition to assaulting a fellow passenger, the intoxicated suspect raised a commotion in midair.

On the 6E-1052 IndiGo Flight from the capital of Thailand, Klas Erik Harald Jonas Westberg was a passenger. The flight was bound for Mumbai. He misbehaved with the flight attendant as she was providing food.

When the flight attendant told the passenger there was no food on board, the passenger began acting unruly. He agreed to order a chicken entrée, and when the air hostess came over to pay with the POS machine under the guise of swiping the card, he improperly grabbed her hand.

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The woman told police that after she objected, he got up from his seat and sexually assaulted an IndiGo employee in front of other passengers.

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