4,000-YO Sanctuary Discovered In The Netherlands; Is Similar To Stonehenge As Per Experts

by Tooba Shaikh
4,000-YO Sanctuary Discovered In The Netherlands; Is Similar To Stonehenge As Per Experts

Archaeology is an extremely fascinating field of study. The knowledge we derive from the bygone eras helps us immensely not only in decoding our genetic ancestry but also in holistically understanding the story of humanity. Recently, archaeologists in the Netherlands discovered remnants of a structure that has been deemed to be similar to the iconic Stonehenge in England. The discovery was made in the municipality of Tiel and experts gained a lot of valuable information from the site.

4,000-YO Sanctuary Discovered In The Netherlands Likened To Stonehenge

This particular discovery was made in the municipality of Tiel in the Netherlands. It is located 7o kilometres eastward of Rotterdam. As per experts, the sanctuary is dedicated to the sun. It has multiple mounds made of earth, the tallest of which is dedicated to the sun, according to experts.

Experts have also drawn parallels between Stonehenge and this particular site. Some have even speculated that this site may have served as some kind of primitive calendar. It is dated to be 4,000 years old and has all the signs of being a sacred place for the culture around that time.

There were even skeletons of humans as well as animals present on the site which gave a lot of important insight into the burial rituals of the people who inhabited the location at the time. The discovery was made at the Medel Industrial Estate where the excavations happened.

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Woman Buried With An Egyptian Bead Astonishes Experts

Netherlands stonehenge
Image Credits: Tiel Municipality/Website

As stated above, multiple skeletons of people, as well as animals, who were buried were retrieved from the excavation site. One of the skeletons that the archaeologists retrieved was of a woman. This woman was found buried along with a glass bead.

Upon investigation, it was found that the bead originated in ancient Mesopotamia which is today’s Egypt. This discovery puzzled and astonished the experts as it proved that this ancient civilisation was, in some way or the other, in contact with the people who were 5,000 kilometres away.

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Cover Image Credits: Tiel Municipality/Website