5 Amazing Activities You Absolutely Have To Try In Bahrain

by Sanjana Shenoy
5 Amazing Activities You Absolutely Have To Try In Bahrain

Adventure junkies! We know the absolute thrill you get when embarking on new adventure activities. Whether it’s jumping off a cliff for paragliding or speeding off the waters on a jet ski, the adrenaline rush is unparalleled. The island nation of Bahrain is home to a plethora of adventure activities that you absolutely must try. So, here are 5 adventure activities in Bahrain that will get your heart racing and cater to your need for thrill.

1. Horse Riding At Bahrain Fort 

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The 5000-year-old Bahrain Fort is best explored on a horse. So, go horse riding at this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Housing 6 ancient underground cities, Bahrain Fort exuberates history and mystery. So, unravel the secrets of this ancient monument on a horse. You can ride along the beaches and soak in the beauty of the Arabian sunset.

Where: Karbabad, Bahrain

2. Pearl Snorkeling In Bahrain 

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A trip to Bahrain is incomplete without pearl snorkeling. A common activity practiced by locals; pearl snorkeling gives you the chance to hunt for pearls in the deep oceans of Bahrain. Spend the day snorkeling (beginners) or diving (certified divers) as you hunt for pearls. Take home a bag of oysters or even pearls, if you’re lucky.

3. Self-Drive Jet Ski Ride At Al Dar Island 

activities bahrainA water sports galore, Bahrain is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts who adore watersports. Brace yourself for a day full of watersports at Al Dar Island. A beautiful island dotted with shacks; this is one of the best places in Bahrain to go on a 30-minute thrilling jet ski ride in the Arabian sea. Escape the mainland for a wee bit as you traverse the waters of Bahrain on a self-drive jet ski.

Where: Al Dar Island, Bahrain

4. Feel The Thrills At Bahrain International Circuit

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Bahrain International Circuit is the first circuit in the Middle East to hold an F1 Grand Prix. What can be more thrilling than actually watching a race at this world-renowned circuit? With 6 top-class racing tracks, 15 toughest turns and 495 light posts to illuminate the circuit, this is an experience that will satisfy your need for speed. Bahrain International Circuit has hosted 17 Grand Prix races since 2004. So, wouldn’t you want to experience this yourself?

Where: Gate 255, Gulf of Bahrain Avenue Umm Jidar, Sakhir، 1062, Bahrain

5. Boat Ride At Bahrain Bay

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A fun and luxurious boat trip awaits you at Bahrain Bay. Hop on a water taxi as you catch the pristine sunset and explore the beautiful coasts of Bahrain. It’s a blend of adventure and relaxation rolled into one. Witness the swanky skyscrapers, lush greenery and blue waters of the island nation, as you feel the cool breeze on your cheeks. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this boat ride.

Where: Bahrain Bay, Avenue Mall

Well, adventure junkies! These are some of the adventure activities you must try in Bahrain or an adrenaline-pumping experience.