5 Amazing Dishes You Have To Try In Bengaluru

by Kritika Kukreja
5 Amazing Dishes You Have To Try In Bengaluru

Bengaluru is a game-changer when it comes to eating the best food, be it quirky dishesstreet food or main course items, nothing can beat this city and its wide range of cuisine. We give you a special list of 5 best dishes to try out in Bengaluru that will get you lip-smacking and wanting for more. So go ahead and feast on – 

1. Rainbow Dumplings – Misu

Bengaluru’s favourite Pan-Asian restaurantMisu has come up with a stellar menu that boasts of dishes from sushi to authentic dumplingsMisu welcomes a very lit ambiance with high bar stools and comfort food right there for you. You can even sip on a fresh summery cocktail overlooking the massive glass windows and indulge in your favourite flavours of South East Asia, one such stellar dish is the Rainbow Dumplings.

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Address: Misu, 4th Floor, Halcyon Complex, Saint Marks Road, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001
Phone: 080 4128 0055
Cost for two: ₹1,400

2. Jumbo Burger – Bean Flickers

For all your big burger fantasies, here’s a burger by the name of Jumbo to feast on, being served at Bean Flickers in Bengaluru. The Jumbo burger is food goals that will give you all the foodgasm, guilt-free. It comprises of two patty that comes in 3 different flavours, lambchicken and veg patty topped with fresh vegetables and sauces. Their spicy sauces are made in-house out of garlic. The patty is freshly made and customised with no chemicals added. The buns are customized too with butter on top and bottom. They even serve Pan-Asian burgers with Oriental salad.

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Image credits: BFoodiz

Address: Bean Flickers, 1083,5th Cross, Opposite Corporation Bank, 12th Main, Indiranagar, Bangalore
Phone: 080 49652665
Cost for two: ₹700

3. Pani Puri Pizza – Gullu’s Chaat

Gullu’s Chaat in Bengaluru prepares the unique pani puri pizza, floating pani puri and lots more. We loved the Bun – nippat cheese (₹50). Hardened puris are used as buns with cheese stuffed in it. We loved the Gullus special chaat (₹60), a puri filled with cutlets and masala. You can’t miss out on the Pani Puri Pizza (₹70), a puri based stuffed with pizza filling. The Floating Pani Puri (₹40), which is puris over a base of pani.

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Address: Gullu’s Chaat, No 2/1, Serpentine Road, Kumara Park West, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560020
Phone: 098451 02389
Approx cost: ₹250 for two people

4. Paan Cheesecake – Glocal Junction

Glocal Junction known for its mix of global and Indian flavours is serving this iconic dish of Kalkatta paan cheesecake taking desserts to a whole new level. This signature dish of Glocal Junction is hard to resist. It combines savouring flavours, adding a hint of Paan, all this amalgamated with Cheesecake. Now that’s a dish worth indulging in at ₹265.

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Address: Glocal Junction outlets – All over India
Cost: ₹265 for Kalkatta Paan Cheesecake

5. 4ft Long Dosa – RK Dosa Camp

The ‘Family Dosa’ at RK Dosa Camp in Bengaluru is 4 feet long and can be eaten by an entire family. RK Dosa Camp might be your low-key outlet at Wilson Garden, but the quality of their dosa is top-notch. The Family Dosa is 4 feet long and served with liberal amounts of masala and chutney inside it. It is big and filling enough for an entire family of 4 to eat the dosa. Now who wouldn’t want to try out this monster of a dosa?!

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Where: RK Dosa camp, 320, 9th Cross, BTS Main Road, Wilson Garden, Bangalore
Phone: +91 9880359649, +91 7044884455
Approx cost: ₹200 for two people

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