5 Amazing Ways To Get Great Couple Pics On Your Honeymoon

by Natasha Monteiro
5 Amazing Ways To Get Great Couple Pics On Your Honeymoon


Your marriage may be the best day of your life and you’re going to have a million memories thanks to the professional photographers and your friends. But what happens after?

When you take off on your romantic getaway – your honeymoon? Chances are that you’ve planned every bit of your honeymoon itinerary but you’re never going to remember it, are you? To save you from all that trouble, we’re giving you 5 amazing tips to get great couple shots on your honeymoon! 

1. Make A Mini Movie

No, you don’t need a script for this one because you’re going to be shooting your story <3. You obviously have a great location and even better protagonists (you guys). We suggest you also go with a great camera. The Canon EOS 200D is our camera of choice when it comes to live shooting. It has a Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus lens that makes for excellent still shots and video shots. Record your own story – together or separately. Another fun idea is to record yourself leaving small messages for your better half. Play it later once you’re back home and woo them back into another honeymoon.


2. Ask A Stranger

Obvious, isn’t it? Never hesitate to ask strangers to click a pic of the two of you. You’ll be surprised at how many people are more than obliging. If you are using the recommended Canon EOS 200D, just move it to auto-focus mode and it’ll be easy AF! Set your shot up or let your new photographer friend try out their own angles. You’ll leave with memories and probably a new friend!

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3. Take A Selfie

Pick out a camera with a touch screen and get mad creative. The Canon EOS 200D has a Vari angle LCD touch screen that has auto-focus and lets you take a shot with a single tap. Sounds like fun and a reason to go crazy with the camera. Psst: here’s a pro tip. Use lots of props. A hat, glares and balloons goes a long way.


4. Lose All Inhibitions

Don’t strive for perfection. Just go have fun. You’re out there to celebrate love. Capture your celebrations. Don’t worry about that perfect angle or the perfect shot. Just celebrate your love and let your camera do all the hard-work. Pick out a camera with a powerful sensor that captures details. You’ll be surprised how the best shots are all the natural ones.

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canon couple

5. Use A Tripod

Not enough has been said about the importance of a tripod and no, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to use a tripod. You can even attach your phone and get a great pic. Just choose your shot, set the tripod, switch on the timer and CLICK!


There you have it. 5 really simple ways to get a bag full of happiness back home. You don’t have to be a professional. You just need a good camera, a few props and plenty of love!


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