5 Ancient Caves In Madhya Pradesh That Can Take Your Breath Away

by Shreya Rathod
5 Ancient Caves In Madhya Pradesh That Can Take Your Breath Away

Madhya Pradesh is a centre for heritage and history. Situated in the middle of the country, it is also known as the heart of India. However, Madhya Pradesh is popular for the ancient caves and the carvings on them. Dated back probably thousands of years, these caves still bear witness to the ancient culture of India. The artistic works on their walls are beautiful. Here are five caves in Madhya Pradesh that will take your breath away.

5 Ancient Caves In Madhya Pradesh

1. Bagh Caves

Caves In Madhya Pradesh
Credits: Wikimedia

Bagh Caves are an example of Indian rock-cut architecture and are a cluster of nine rock-cut monuments. Situated on the southern slopes of the Vindhyas, it is renowned for its mural paintings. Interestingly, these caves were once viharas for Buddhist monks.
Location: Bagh, Dhar District

2. Bhimbetka Caves

Caves In Madhya Pradesh
Credits: Wikimedia

One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Bhimbetka Caves are the remnants of the Paleolithic era. The paintings on the walls of these caves are of the same era. There are rock shelters distributed over these seven hills.
Location: Raisen District, Madhya Pradesh

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3. Saru Maru Caves

saru maru caves in Madhya Pradesh
Credits: Sehore Tehsil

Saru Maru Caves was once an ancient monastery-like structure. The walls have drawings of Buddhist graffiti art. In fact, the caves have two ancient scriptures of Emperor Ashoka. The site even has stupas and natural caves for Buddhist monks.
Location: Pangoraria, Sehore District, Madhya Pradesh

4. Pandav Caves

Pandava caves
Credits: Wikimedia

There is a mention of these Pandav Caves in the epic of Mahabharata. The legend states that it is where the Pandavas took shelter while in exile. These caves are a major tourist destination.
Location: Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh

5. Udayagiri Caves

udayagiri caves
Credits: Wikimedia

Udayagiri Caves are the oldest surviving caves that have Hindu and Jain temples and are twenty rock-cut caves. The site was once associated with a monarch of the Gupta period. Moreover, they have inscriptions from the Gupta period.
Location: Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh

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The next time you are in Madhya Pradesh, be sure to visit these caves.

Cover Image Courtesy: Flickr