5 Dishes That Are A Must-Try During Monsoons

by Kritika Kukreja
5 Dishes That Are A Must-Try During Monsoons

With the entry of monsoon, the grass is greener and the weather is beautiful. But what else is here? Our food cravings! Here are 5 things you must have to enjoy monsoon –

1. Cutting Chai

Whether you’re sitting in the comfort of your home, or sipping chai at a nearby tapri. The cutting chai during monsoon is a must try! Also read: 6 New Restaurants In Mumbai You Gotta Try This Monsoon

2.  Bhurji Pav

Freshly prepared bhurji with buttery pavs on a tapri is just what we need when the rains come pouring down.

3. Momos

Steaming hot momos, or crisp fried momos at a stall. Also read: 10 Roadtrips That Are Perfect For The Monsoons

4. Bhajiya

Crispy fried onion bhajiyas made at the comfort of home.

5. Bhutta

Make your monsoons better with a freshly made corn on the cob, with masala. 

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