5 Dishes That Are A Must-Try During Monsoons

by Kritika Kukreja 1120

With the entry of monsoon, the grass is greener and the weather is beautiful. But what else is here? Our food cravings! Here are 5 things you must have to enjoy monsoon –

1. Cutting Chai

Whether you’re sitting in the comfort of your home, or sipping chai at a nearby tapri. The cutting chai during monsoon is a must try! Also read: 6 New Restaurants In Mumbai You Gotta Try This Monsoon

2.  Bhurji Pav

Freshly prepared bhurji with buttery pavs on a tapri is just what we need when the rains come pouring down.

3. Momos

Steaming hot momos, or crisp fried momos at a stall. Also read: 10 Roadtrips That Are Perfect For The Monsoons

4. Bhajiya

Crispy fried onion bhajiyas made at the comfort of home.

5. Bhutta

Make your monsoons better with a freshly made corn on the cob, with masala. 

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