5 Exciting Indoor Activities To Survive Dubai’s Summer

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
5 Exciting Indoor Activities To Survive Dubai’s Summer

The heat is getting a little out of hand – almost making us want to walk around with a pocket A/C all day. But the summer doesn’t necessarily mean you have nothing much to do out here. From gaming zones to sports arena- the city is bustling with activities in and around for you to checkout this summer. Here’s our pick!

1. No Way Out

No Way Out is the newest escape room experience right here in Dubai. Located in Jumeirah Lake Towers, the concept has different experiences – each having a theme to get your goosebumps up in no time. You get to choose between the games – Da Vinci – a horror ride through Leonardo Da Vinci’s creations like the Monalisa, The Ring – a crime scene setup against a murder investigation, The School of Magic – pave your path through wizards and ancient spells to escape and the most exciting of them all – Manic – where you are in a dungeon of a basement where a creepy kidnapper pushes you to escape before its too late. Time to ditch those horror movies as this is where you get the real deal.

Best suited for – Group of 2 to 6 people
Time – 60 Minutes
Price – AED 125 onwards
Location – Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai
Contact – +971559296750

Photo Credits – No way out / Facebook

2. Dubai Sports World

Dubai Sports World brings to you the golden opportunity to indulge in outdoor sports while indoors. One of the largest sports arenas in the Middle East, it is located in World Trade Centre and is operational through 19 June to 10 September. In this chill zone (air conditioned at all times) – you can enjoy sports such as football, cricket, basketball, badminton and much more without the worry of the soaring temperatures.

Its a great way to keep your fitness in check in this weather. The luxurious facilities in the 25,000 sq. ft area would be approved highly by the enthusiasts as its one of the best in the region.

Timings – 8AM till Midnight
Price – Starting from AED 30 per night / game
Location – Dubai World Trade Centre

Photo Credits – Dubai Sports World / Facebook

3. Smash Room

Ever felt so frustrated that you wanted to smash your laptop? Or perhaps the pressing need to throw your phone? Embrace the best proven technique to smash that stress away right here at Smash Room. Trust us, the feeling of crushing lifeless chunks has never felt so satisfying. And if you wish to contribute to this experience, perhaps your old PC’s or toys, you can donate them too.

Starting from AED 99, the experiences vary depending on the number of items in each room:
• “The Quickie” – 10 Glasses to Smash, No Electronics – AED 99/person
• “Smash n Dash” – 1 Electronic Item, 15 Glasses – AED 175/person
• “The Big Bang” – 20 Glasses, 2 Electronic Items – AED 249/person
• “Two 2 Tango” – 30 Glasses, 2 Electronics Items – AED 399/2 persons
• “The 3 Sum” – 45 Glasses, 3 Electronic Items – AED 599/3 People

Price – AED 99 onwards
Location – Umm Suqeim Street, Al Quoz
Contact – 0581982323

Photo Credits – The Smash Room / Facebook

4. Adventure Zone

This one’s clearly for the adventure junkies. From climbing walls to zip lining and bouncing on a trampoline like nobody’s watching- you can do it all indoors! Adventure Zone is the first of its kind park designed for people of all ages, under the training and supervision of certified coaches. It’s not only a great place to kill time, but is also quite popular for birthday parties.

If you are looking to bond with your friends and family whilst on a quest for adventure – this is an ideal choice. A 30 minute standard session costs AED 70 and the prices go up to AED 140. There are also multi – passes and membership options available for those wanting to make this a regular affair. There is also a grand football pitch fully air-conditioned suited for a group of 10.

Price – AED 70 onwards
Best Suited for – Team Building Exercises, Birthday parties
Location – Multiple Outlets
Contact – 80023847

Photo Credits – Adventure HQ / Facebook

5. Inflight Dubai

Love to jump off the air plane but the feeling gives you a case of cold feet? Dubai has the worlds’ largest wind tunnel just for the experience of a lifetime right here at Inflight Dubai. Experience what it’s like to be up in the air – minus any parachute and experience immediate weightlessness that would make you feel out of the world, quite literally. Their in-house trainers are equipped to help you sail through this experience almost seamlessly. The facilities are top notch – that would probably get your geared up for the real deal – the Skydiving!

Price – AED 184 onwards
Location – E 66, Skydive Dubai Desert Campus, Dubai
Contact – 800 46354448

Photo Credits – Inflight Dubai / Facebook