5 Gorgeous Waterfalls In Rajasthan That You Cannot Miss

Waterfalls In Rajasthan
by Yogita Chainani 1075

Every state in India has something distinct and culturally rich to offer. Agra is known for the Taj Mahal- whereas, Rajasthan is known for the desert, palaces, and culture it has to offer. However, when we speak about Rajasthan, there’s so much more to the state than just palaces. Yep, you read that right! Besides culture and history, the royal state is also known for majestic waterfalls. And here are five waterfalls in Rajasthan that you must visit ASAP.

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Waterfalls In Rajasthan That Must Be On Your List

1. Padajhar Waterfall

Located around 120km from Chittorgarh in Rawatbhata, Padajhar Waterfall lies on the banks of the Chambal River. This waterfall is known for the lush greenery and the ponds it has to offer. The waterfalls are not big, but they are worth a visit for the beauty they have to offer. You can also reach this waterfall from Kota since it’s only 60KM from there.

Pic Credit: Wikicommons

2. Menal Waterfalls

Located in Menal village, this waterfall is again 90km from Chittorgarh. These majestic waterfalls are a treat to your eyes during the monsoons because of the rocks on which they flow. The rock formations of these falls add more glory to them. While the falls are mesmerizing, the route to the falls is filled with architecture from the 11th century, making them a delight to watch.

Pic Credit: Wikicommons

3. Jhola Falls

Jhola falls are in Bagidora, 30km from Banswara city. The waterfalls are not huge in structure, but the falls are at their absolute best during the monsoons, making them a must-visit. The lush greenery and rock formations it has makes it a picture-perfect spot and add more glory to the waterfalls.

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4. Gaipernath Waterfalls

Located in Kota, this one waterfall in Rajasthan cannot be missed by all means. The water gushes stunningly, thereby making it a must-visit site for visitors. You have to trek a bit to reach this waterfall, but the trek is worth every step. Climb around 300 steps for the waterfall, and we are sure you will not regret it. Being a perfect place for photographers, you must visit this place during monsoons.

5. Bhimlat Waterfalls

Bhimlat waterfalls has a history dating back to the epic Mahabharata, which will blow your mind. As per the folklore, this waterfall was created by Bhim to satisfy his thirst during their ouster. But as per the facts, this waterfall was formed due to an earthquake. Now whatever may be the reason, you cannot miss out on this one.

Pic Credit: Wikicommons