5 Historic Paan Shops In Bhopal That Offer Unique Flavours

by Ishita Agarwal
5 Historic Paan Shops In Bhopal That Offer Unique Flavours

Bhopali Paan is a staple of the city’s culture, and you can find one of these shops just about everywhere in Bhopal. Bhopali Paan is prepared uniquely compared to other Indian Paans. Chuna, kattha, and supari are some of the toppings of the Bhopali Paan. Bhopali Paan comes in a variety of flavours, and it may even be custom-ordered. People in Bhopal see paan making as an art form, and as such, it has been handed down orally from generation to generation. We have compiled a list of unique paan shops in Bhopal. 

1. Zaika Store, E2 Arera Colony

As the city’s No. 1 Paanwala, this Paan store has a devoted following of patrons of all ages. The complex where the business is housed has earned the nickname ‘Zaika’ due to its enduring ubiquity. In a conversation with Curly Tales, store owner Pradeep Sahu says that customer satisfaction has never been a problem in his 20 years in business. It’s hard to resist the Meetha Patta Paan here in Zaika, which goes for ₹ 20 to 1500. Zaika’s other house specialities include Maghai Paan and Banarsi Paan. 

Location: E2 area colony front of RTO office, at the side of bjp office, shop no G5., Bhopal. 

Paan Shops in Bhopal

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2. Shree Anandilaal Jain Paan Merchant

Fire, Ice, and Chocolate Paans are show-offs’ and damaging to health. At this historic Paan store in Bhopal’s old city centre, you may get Bangla Paan, Madrasi Paan, Meetha Patta Paan, Kapoori Paan, and Desi Patta Paan. Chuna (lime) is not added to Paan just for fashion. In a conversation with Curly Tales, Anil, owner of the shop says that Bhopal’s water lacks calcium. Thus chuna is added to it.  In this store, more than 300 people come from all around Bhopal to have a taste of Paan that only Anil Jain can provide. 

Location: Lalwani Press Road

3. Banarsi Paan

Since its inception in 1962, the Banarsi Paan store in Bhopal has been a local landmark. Owner Rajendra Chaurasia introduced these delectable Paans from Banaras to Bhopal 57 years ago. The Banarasi Paan is the shop’s most popular item, according to Raju, one of the shop’s employees. Additionally, this shop’s customers are looking for the more popular Desi Patta Pann and Maghai Pann. 

Location: New Market

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4. New Milan Paan Corner

Devendra Jain’s New Milan Paan Corner, also known as A Midnight Paan Wala, is Bhopal’s most distinctive Paan store. Since this business is only open from 11:30 pm to 2:30 am, it’s the first thing that sets it apart. Even though bags of tobacco and cigarette packs adorn every other Paan store in the neighbourhood, this one doesn’t offer any tobacco products. Not even Paan is manufactured with tobacco. 

Location: Itwara Road


5. Darbar The Royal Paan

Fresh fruit, chocolate, Ice and Fire, and The Royal Dry Fruit paans are just a few of the options available at Darbar. Fresh Mango Paan, cooked with fresh mangoes, aam chutney, mango puree, and the rest of the paan’s components, is one of the specialities. In a conversation with Curly Tales, Santosh Kewlani, Founder of Darbar The Royal Paan says that with the royal paan, they want to depict the old culture of Bhopal and make sure that it should reach everyone.  

Location: Arche – 06, One Walk, Rani Kamlapati Railway Station


So, when you are visiting these unique paan shops in Bhopal!? 

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