5 Iconic Eateries In Udaipur You Need To Try On Your Next Trip

by Vinita Jain
5 Iconic Eateries In Udaipur You Need To Try On Your Next Trip

Udaipur has a pure white environment, lush hills, and lakes that fascinate tourists with their imaginative aura and splendor. People visit this place to experience the fascinating beauty of the lake, the beautiful panoramic palace, and the delicious food. Known for its exquisite culture and heritage, Udaipur is one of the most gorgeous and romantic destinations in India. Udaipur offers a lot on the silver plate. Along with all those tourist attraction spots Udaipur also has an exotic range of eateries that serves lip-smacking food. Here is a list of eateries that you should definitely check out on your next trip to Udaipur.

1. Chhappan Bhog

A trip to any city in Rajasthan cannot be completed without having some authentic Dal Baati Churma. Chhappan Bhog is the place you must visit. It also serves Punjabi thalis. This place will serve you hearty meals.

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2. Jagdish Misthan Bhandar

JMB is one of the oldest eateries in Udaipur. They have a variety of options like Jalebis, Imartis, Aalu Pyaz ki Kachori, Mirchi Bada, Khaman, etc. They have a lot of desert options also. If you’re visiting Udaipur do hop on this place and relish some Aalu Pyaz ki Kachori and Ghewar (it is a Rajasthani desert).

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3. The Egg World

If you’re in Udaipur visit Chetak circle and you’ll find a lot of stalls serving a variety of dishes. In particular, visit The Egg World, they serve top-notch egg variety dishes. Choose any of your favorites, they serve flavorful and lip-smacking egg dishes.

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4. Sai Baba Paratha Centre

This eatery serves a complete filling meal. If you will ask anybody in Udaipur where to have parathas the answer will be Sai Baba Paratha Centre. They make parathas in desi ghee and serve them with curd, chutneys, and salad. It is a 25-year-old eatery that serves 10 types of Parathas.

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5. Ambrai Restaurant

Ambrai is the perfect place to sample a variety of dishes. The restaurant in Udaipur near Lake Pichola is pleasing to the eye. For all the non-vegetarians out there Ambrai Restaurant is one of the best places in Udaipur for Lal Maas. You can check out this place for a wholesome lunch along with a spectacular view.

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