5 Luxury Properties In India That Provide The Best Views

by Sanjana Shenoy
5 Luxury Properties In India That Provide The Best Views

When it comes to planning a holiday, one of the most important things to do, is to book a great room, preferably one that provides an amazing view. You wake up in the morning, draw your curtain and witness majestic snowclad mountains, breezy beaches or a panaromic skyline of the city, that’s what you’d call a perfect holiday, right? Well, if you’re already picturing an amazing view from out of your luxury hotel window, then here are 5 luxury properties in India that provide the best views. The one reason that makes these properties so special is that they all have installed elegant windows built by Geeta Aluminium, a premium company that has been the top provider of aluminium windows and aluminium doors for the past five decades. So check out these 5 luxurious properties in India, which have installed Geeta Series Systems Windows, providing you with breathtaking views devoid of noise and dust.

1. Vivanta Goa, Panaji

If you’re planning to go on the ultimate Dil Chahta Hai, Goa trip with your gang, then we have a beautiful recommendation for you. Reside at the Vivanta Goa in Panaji for a stress-free and indulgent stay. The rooms here have a contemporary feel and the suites overlook gorgeous city views. You can look outside your window to witness the charming heritage houses in Campal and tall green coconut trees embracing the banks of the Mandovi river.  Smoothly slide the Geeta Series Systems Window and experience nature at its best from the comforts of your luxurious room.

Address: St. Anne’s Junction, Off, Dayanand Bandodkar Marg, Panaji, Goa 403001

2. Luxury Boat At Kerala

Don’t you want to just escape from it all, the hustle-bustle of the city and the round-the-clock schedules? The relaxing backwaters of Kerala are just what you need. Perch yourself in a luxurious houseboat and watch time stand still here. Peep outside your window and all you can see is water on all four sides, calm, quiet and rejuvenating water. The view from outside your window would definitely be spectacular. But the Geeta Series Systems Window helps in shutting out noise and dust, making sure you have a comfortable stay.

3. Viola Beacon Resort, Lonavala

The next time you feel the mountains calling, head to Lonavala with your loved ones. You can opt to stay at the Viola Beacon Resort which is one of the luxury properties in India that provides you with the best views. The rooms have an old-world charm to it thanks to the handcrafted luxury furniture. The large Geeta Series Systems Windows not only make the rooms breathable but also provide exclusive unobstructed views of nature and the surrounding mountains.

Address:  Gat no. 216/2 Waksai, Off, Old Mumbai – Pune Hwy, Taluka, Maval, Pune, Maharashtra 410405

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4. Club Mahindra Tungi Resort, Lonavala

Lonavala is the perfect weekend getaway from Mumbai. The romantic vibes, chilly mountain atmosphere and lush greenery just makes it everyone’s favourite. So go on a long romantic drive here with your bae and celebrate the season of love together. Book yourselves a room at the Club Mahindra Tungi resort in Lonavala to have a luxurious stay along with gorgeous views from out of your window. You can sip hot cups of tea as you enjoy a spectacular view of mountains, the breathtaking Lake Pawna and a sea of greenery from out of your Geeta Series Systems Window which is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also keeps the room free from noise or pollution.


Picture Credits: holidayiq.com

Address:  Pavna Nagar Post, Taluka Maval, Lonavala Tungi, Maharashtra 410401

5. Sankpal Sajala Villa at Gold Valley in Lonavala

Family outings can be great, preparing barbeque with your dad, chilling with your mom, playing ball with your siblings or just reading a book by the window. A great abode for a family outing is a cosy villa. Lonavala has a luxurious one named Sankpal Sajala Villa at Gold Valley. This villa is luxurious yet has a homely feel to it with lovely vibrant furniture and huge windows, which gives you a refreshing view of the garden. The windows at this luxurious property near Mumbai is part of Geeta Aluminium’s Series Systems Window. The windows are exquisitely designed, functional, smooth in operation and leaves you with an inviting view of nature. When you’re here Get Lonavala’s Most Famous Vada Pav At Golden Vada Pav

Picture Credits: weekendproperties.in

Address: New Tungarli Road, Before Lagoona Resort, Tungarli, Gold Valley Sector D, Gold Valley, Lonavla, Maharashtra 410405

So we have given you our list of the 5 luxurious properties in India that provides you with amazing views thanks to Geeta Aluminium’s Series Systems Window. This prestigious company has recently introduced the Slim line range-SLIMO which is designed exclusively for premium apartments and bungalows. SLIMO is equipped with Concealed Locking System that reduces noise up to 30db, provides an unobstructed view of the outside world and helps you relax in the comfort of your home. The one-touch smooth operation of SLIMO windows has an elegant look and enhances the aesthetical appeal of your home. It shuts down outside disturbances like water, dust and noise making your home feel functional and comfortable. So you can not only venture out to luxurious properties in India to witness breathtaking views, but you can also enjoy this at your home by installing Geeta Aluminium’s SLIMO. To know how you can do this click here