International Burger Day: 5 Of Dubai’s Biggest Burgers You Have To Try!

by Ishita Agarwal
International Burger Day: 5 Of Dubai’s Biggest Burgers You Have To Try!

Well, wish you all International Burger Day! Burgers are a favourite fast food item in Dubai. Whether it’s a 50kg burger or overloaded burger pizza, Dubai loves it all. There’s something about the basic burger that we all want, whether it’s a home-grown burger, a vegan burger, or anything in between. So, on this special day, we have brought 5 Of Dubai Biggest Burgers that you have to try on International burgers Day! So, let’s dive into the pool of patties and overloaded cheese. 

1. Monster Burger, Wingsters

On the occasion of Internation Burger Day, our winner is the Monster Burger from the Wingsters! The Wingsters menu provides something for everyone, even if you’re not afraid of a lot of cheese and patties one of the Dubai Biggest Burgers. It estimates that the nine-stack buffalo chicken monster burger is around 1.8kg in weight. This is a substantial dinner, isn’t it? Finally, a substantial amount of cheddar cheese is added to the burger to complete it. It’s a little too gooey and definitely not for the faint of heart. 

Location: Marina Diamond 1, Dubai Marina & Business Bay

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2. Dubai Biggest Burgers at Burgr Factory, Jumeirah 3

More than one hundred burgers will be available at the new Dubai burger establishment, which will serve burger patties weighing no less than five kilogrammes each. The 5kg candy burger cake is just one example of the wacky treats available at this burger joint. You’ll find burgers packed with fries or gooey halloumi sticks, sandwich burgers that tower ten pieces of bread high, and hotdogs the size of dinner plates here. 

Location: The Burgr Factory, 594 Jumeirah 


3. The Grill Shack – Enjoy Dubai Biggest Burgers

Unlike many other Dubai burger places, this one is entirely owned and operated by Dubai residents. The Angus meat used to make the burgers is the highest quality available. Additionally, due to their open location in the Dubai Mall, part of their appeal comes from seeing your meal being prepared and salivating as you imagine how delicious it will be. Save space for their equally enormous, dirty, and delectably delicious sweets. 

Location: Unit SF – 130 – 33 – Financial Center Rd, Downtown Dubai



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4. Dubai Biggest Burgers at Claw BBQ

Located in Dubai’s bustling Souk al Bahar, this is a terrific location to kick off a night out with friends, thanks to its breathtaking views, open-air patio, and delicious drinks. The burgers are the show’s star, and the rest of the menu is full of delicious BQQ fare. Every single one of them is bursting with flavour and enormous in size.  

Location: Souk Al Bahar, Dubai 


5. Black Tap Craft Burgers and Shakes

The Black Tap Dubai Mall is a throwback to the golden period of hip-hop and r&b. Private pods and cassette tape wall art will give you a full-on experience with your favourite music playing in the background as you dine on handmade burgers, sides, and salads. The Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountains are the ideal backdrops for their CrazyShake milkshakes at Black Tap Dubai Mall.

Location: Dubai Mall, Lower Ground Floor, Fountain Entrance. 



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