5 Of The Best Alcohol Infused Dishes In Mumbai

by Kritika Kukreja
5 Of The Best Alcohol Infused Dishes In Mumbai

What happens when your favorite food items and booze come together? It only creates awesomeness! Mumbai has compiled your favorite foods along with a boozy twist so here goes –

1. JD Dal Makhani At Tamasha

Tamasha in Mumbai & Delhi brings to you a combination of your favourite booze with your favourite dal! Dal Makhani with a twist, rather Jack Daniels! With the alcohol trend everywhere, Tamasha in Mumbai and Delhi has left no stone unturned to surprise you with its creation. The Jack Daniels Dal Makhani is the kind of a dal you would have never tried before. Dal makhani is prepared the usual way with a mix of rajma and whole black gram and a perfect blend of whole spices. Justice to this dal is done only when it is topped up with a dollop of butter. But here in Tamasha, it’s also a spoonful of Jack Daniels whiskey which is added to the Dal. The whiskey is flamed up to give a smokey flavour and thus, the Dal receives a very strong taste of whiskey. A little bitter in taste, it is still something you got to try when you’re here.This JD Dal Makhani is best served with some olive naan as the chef suggests to us.

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2. Vodka Pani-Puri At Mumbai Vibe

Served in a small cart (Thela) are 6 shot glasses filled with Vodka and above them is the puri with potato and chick pea filling and also Meethi chutney. You eat the puri, take the shot and well, feel the heat of vodka go down your throat and up your head.This is the best for a pre-drinking session on a weekend. Isn’t it?

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3. Gulab Nut At Bombay Canteen

Bombay Canteen in Kamala Mills compound has a vast and interesting selection of desserts. Our pick here being Gulab Nut. Gulab Nut is Bombay Canteen’s take on our traditional Gulab Jamun & it’s alcoholic! “Kyuki haan! haan! Main alcoholic hu! Boozy Gulab Nut is a take on baba au rhum. It is a small yeast cake saturated in syrup made with hard liquor, usually rum. This super interesting version of our Gulab Jamun is almost 5 times the size of normal gulab jamun and is a – donut-shaped gulab jamun fried in ghee and then soaked in Old Monk, giving it a sweet rum flavour. Served with pista cream, we all love when the Gulab Nut kicks it in the end.

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4. Vodka Pizza At Pizza By The Bay

Want to go out for a drink but bae insists on grabbing a pizza at a romantic place first? Pizza By The Bay solves all your dilemmas. This gorgeous white washed little retreat offers delicious pizzas that are topped with a shot of flaming alcohol! There are loads of places that give you a choice of toppings, but at Pizza By The Bay you can top your pizza with either vodka, rum or gin and watch it – quite literally go up in flames!

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5. Beer Fondue At 145 Bandra

If you’re bored of traditional cheese fondue, tune into 145 at Bandra and Kalaghoda for an ultimate Beer Fondue experience! To give you a different kind of high, cheese and beer come together to make the Beer Fondue. With beer poured into a hot pan and 3 types of cheese inside the bowl, this Beer Fondue is one of a kind. The beer fondue has added seasonings and served with herbed bread croutons. So you can dip your bread crouton inside the fondue for a boozy taste along with the gooey cheese.

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