5 Places To Enjoy Japanese Desserts In Dubai

by Yogita Chainani
5 Places To Enjoy Japanese Desserts In Dubai

Dubai is known to serve some tasty Japanese cuisine in town. Be it sushi or mochi ice cream- you can find everything in the emirate. And slowly, the Japanese desserts like Cheesecake, Kakigori or Mochi are getting super popular in the emirate. And if you are craving some fluffy cheesecake or Mochi, then here are 5-places in Dubai where you can enjoy Japanese desserts.

1. Yakitate

Located in Al Ghurair Centre and IBN Battuta Mall, this dainty food joint is known to serve the best fluffy Japanese Cheesecake in town. While the place serves mains like sushi and Yakitori, it’s known for freshly baked cakes, bread and pastries. The cheesecake is their best-seller, but you must also try their kawaii burgers, savoury bread, Matcha Mochi Adzuki Roll Cake, and Japanese character roll cakes. They are affordable, tasty and gram-worthy.


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2. Yamanote Atelier

If you are craving some gourmet dessert that’s baked to perfection, then you have to visit this Boutique Japanese Bakery & Gourmet at Dubai Mall, Al Wasl Square or DIFC. Yamanote Atelier is known for the Yamanote croissant that melts in your mouth. Their Totoro bun filled with Nutella cream is hard to resist, too. And while you are there, you must also try their Cookie Monster, Super Mario and Pikachu character buns. The desserts not only look cute but taste yummy too.


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3. Motomachi

Located at Dubai Festival City Mall, Motomachi is not only known for its nigiri and sushi but is also known for its Matcha Green Tea. You can either buy a slice or have it all you will still crave for more. The food joint is known for its classic e and Matcha Milk cake as well. And if you are a cupcake fan, then you must also try their Matcha cupcakes.


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4. Simply Oisshi Cafe

This Al Barsha based cafe is known to serve authentic Japanese desserts in town. If you are done with cheesecakes, then you must try their Rilakumma macaron with Chocolate Ganache filling- they not only taste heavenly but look super cute too. Besides that, their Kawaii Macarons, cutesy cream puffs are again a must-try. Their dishes are tasty, but more than that it’s the presentation that steals the show. Each beverage or dessert your order has a touch of cuteness to it.

5. Chakon Cafe

This Downtown Dubai Cafe serves the best matcha in Dubai. You won’t find any Pikachus here, but they serve classic Japanese desserts that are equally delightful. You can try desserts like mochi, Anmitsu and Kakigori at this place. It’s affordable and definitely worth the try.