5 Reasons Why Anushka Sharma & Virat Kohli Got Married In Italy

by Kritika Kukreja
5 Reasons Why Anushka Sharma & Virat Kohli Got Married In Italy

Our favorite couple, #Virushka got married in Tuscany recently and the internet is raging about the wedding. Anushka’s beautiful lehenga or Virat’s hunky looks definitely gave us goals for our wedding attires, but the location, Tuscany in Italy, has also become one of the top contenders for our wedding destinations. We’ve compiled a list on why Virushka picked Italy as their destination of choice and why you should get married in Tuscany too!

(Image Credit – Hindustan Times)

1. Lush Green Landscapes And Beauty Of Tuscany

If you’re a sucker for beautiful settings, Tuscany comes out as a clear winner. With blue skies, sun-kissed hills and lovely landscapes, this could be your perfect wedding setting. If you prefer a spring wedding, you can host the wedding in lush green gardens but if you’re a winter baby, a location under the hills would be perfect!

No wonder the gorgeous couple picked Tuscany to get married! You can’t get a bad picture here! Just look at that scenery!


2. Extravagant Food And Wine

What’s a great wedding without amazing food and wine? Tuscany is the spot for all things amazing! No wonder Virat and Anushka picked the Italian land of deliciousness. When you’re coming to the Tuscan land, you’ll be greeted with wonderful culinary delights. The wine is sure to get your taste buds tingling, and the food will cause an explosion of flavors, tastes and aromas. Tourists have called the land ‘ecstatic’ and whether you’re a meat lover or a pure vegetarian, it has so much to offer.

We wonder what was on their menu!


3. Historic Castles, Architecture And Country Houses

Planning a wedding? You’ll need the perfect location. Tuscany is rich with historic castles and elegant country houses that will compliment your wedding. What else do you get here? The best wedding photographers too! And if Virat and Anushka’s pics are anything to go by, we say they’ve hit a jackpot!


4. Relaxing Ambiance

It’s crazy planning a wedding – especially a destination one! Looking for the best ambiance? The Tuscan country side or the rolling hills will be a great way to host a wedding. The rich history and untamed landscapes represent the raw beauty of Tuscany. You get a chance to host your wedding among the serene mountains, olive grooves and rivers all bathed in the Tuscan sun.


5. Adventure Packed Activities

The best way to explore Tuscany is to hire a Vespa Scooty and head out to explore. We aren’t saying that Virushka did that but you sure can! You can take a tour through Florence’s hidden gems or indulge in adrenaline pumping activities with your bae like fly out in a hot air balloon or experience wine tasting.


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