5 Reasons Why Goa Makes The Perfect Destination For Couples

by Nainisha Mehta
5 Reasons Why Goa Makes The Perfect Destination For Couples

Remember the movie Honeymoon Travels PVT LTD? Wasn’t that one fine film? Now remember how it was based in Goa? Also how many films and TV shows you can count on your fingertips that had the lead couple holiday in Goa? All these aren’t just out of the blue location decisions. It’s not because Goa is scenic and accessible, it’s because Goa IS the perfect destination for couples, here in India! It’s not just an arbitrary claim, it’s within reason, why GOA cuts through every couple’s to do list. We give you 5 reasons why its coveted as the to-be place!

1. Beaches, Beaches & more beaches!

If you’re the type of couple who likes to keep it low – there’s plenty for you, if you’re the type who likes to go wild together – you’ll be spoilt for choice, if you’re the type of couple who’d blend in with the crowds – no guesses there, there’s options for you and for those who like the finer things in life with much exclusivity – Goa answers to your woes too!  Goa’s beaches are like its people, they are a mix bag! Butterfly, Colva, Benaulim are few of the many beaches that offer some peace and quiet. Baga and Anjuna is where the sun doesn’t set and Candolim is the right amount of tranquil and fun.  So, pick what suits you best and ignite that spark!

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2. The Freedom

Goa is probably the only state in India where you can be whatever you want to and do what your heart says! Sometimes it gets difficult for couples to enjoy quality time in public sans prying eyes and judge-y aunties! In Goa, you’re basically Jaikant Shikre – you know like ‘yeh Goa tumhara hai and tum is Goa ka Jaikant Shikre’. Well, jokes aside, its Goa’s multiculturalism that makes it so open to all kinds of people and you can spend time care free! This works best for couples as they can spend time indoors as well as take long uninterrupted walks on beaches.

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3. Fits Every Bill

You don’t have to be the Beckhams to enjoy the sweet sweet offerings of Goa. Boutique hotels, street food, local bars v/s resorts, private beaches and fine-dining – Goa has the best of both worlds. A budget trip or a luxe getaway, Goa is for all kind of romantics.

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4. Never Get Bored

For couples it can get a little boring with just two people if there’s nothing exciting to do. But in Goa, you’ll always find something to indulge in. Be it water-sports, hiking, trekking to waterfalls, dancing at clubs, hogging on seafood, taking activa rides or just building sand-castles. Goa is where you’ll never be bored and ‘two’s a company’ stands true!

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5. Couple Goals

Isn’t the ultimate couple goal , a ‘wake up to this’ or a ‘reached here unexpectedly’ or a sunset shared together? Goa offers plenty of opportunities for these couple traveler pictures and moments. It’s not only about making the right Instagram picture, but it’s about finding joy in those beautiful moments together – and that’s the real couple goal, that Goa helps you fulfill!

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