5 Reasons Why Indians Should Visit Saudi Arabia For Their Next Holiday

by Suchismita Pal
5 Reasons Why Indians Should Visit Saudi Arabia For Their Next Holiday

Saudi Arabia is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in the Middle East. The largest country in the Arabian Peninsula is known to be a religious hub as it houses Islam’s holiest city, Mecca. But it also has a large scope for leisure travel as the country has started giving tourist visas from October 2019. Saudi Arabia now welcomes tourists from India without any quarantine restrictions or Covid-19 test requirements. So, here are 5 reasons why Indians must visit Saudi Arabia for their next holiday.

1. UNESCO World Heritage Site- Hegra

Saudi Arabia is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site- Hegra. Perched north of AlUla, the ancient city recently opened to the public. The archaeological site is of geological, historical and geographical significance. Hailed as a masterpiece, Hegra also known as Mada’in Saleh was once a thriving international trade hub. The rock-cut construction, ragged walls has magic and history is written all over its 2000-year-old canyons. It offers clues to the mysterious empire that also built the Petra in Jordan.

2. Delicious Food

Ask any traveller one of the main reasons they adore travelling. Food would definitely top that list. And Saudi Arabia has plenty of great food to offer with a history that dates back to centuries. A must-try meat dish Hamees prepared with slow-cooked tender meat with onions and spices will leave you drooling. Carnivores must also sample Mansaf-mutton dish in a broth of fermented yoghurt served with turmeric rice and Jareesh, a street food delicacy of meat, wheat, yoghurt and caramelized onions. A cherry on the top of food adventures would be Bakeela, a comfort dish of sweet dates kneaded in a fine powder of a plant called Samah, garnished with oodles of fresh ghee.

3. Thriving Culture

Saudi Arabia has a thriving culture, deeply rooted in Arab teaching, shaped by Islamic heritage. The GCC nation acknowledges its age-old traditions while also making way for the newly evolved millennia. Hospitable locals practising generosity and hospitality are key to the culture. Don’t be surprised if you’ll be welcomed with a cup of coffee served in small cups and plates full of sweets and dates. Contrary to popular beliefs, women in the nation earn a living for their families and are extremely perseverant. Saudi Arabia welcomes and respects every individual who flies to the country.

Picture Credits: Unsplash

4. Gorgeous Beaches At Jizan & Farasan Islands

Your trip to Saudi Arabia would be incomplete without visiting Jizan. Perched in the southwestern corner of the kingdom, and north of the Yemeni border, this port city offers you the chance to explore vaulted houses and cabins with built-in ropes and straw. Jizan is also known for growing high-quality tropical fruits like figs, mangoes and papayas. Nestled near Jizan is the Farasan Islands, a group of arid climate islands on the north-western coast in the Red Sea. Some of Saudi Arabia’s best beaches are located at the central island of Farasan, off the coast of Jizan.

5. Heritage Cities – Riyadh , Jeddah , AlUla

Saudi Arabia’s capital city Riyadh is the perfect blend of age-old heritage and a captivating skyline. Riyadh has great spots for shopping. Did you know Riyadh has a mall located in a skyscraper? Another amazing place to visit is Jeddah, home to some majestic monuments. AlUla city in the Medina region is an unkempt destination brimming with heritage sites and adventure activities. Here, you can enjoy a Zip-line ride over the black lava stone region or revel in the stunning arts and crafts.

Picture Credits: Unsplash

Travel enthusiast! Now that we’ve given you a list of amazing reasons to visit Saudi Arabia, what are you waiting for? Visit the stunning nation between November and February, the best time of the year and enjoy pleasant weather, while you explore the nation, gorge on delicious food and enjoy the hospitality of the locals. Book your flight tickets here through the EaseMyTrip portal for a hassle-free travel experience.