5 Reasons Why Staying In Is Cooler Than Going Out

by Anvi Doshi
5 Reasons Why Staying In Is Cooler Than Going Out

We’re all familiar with the millennial term ‘FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out’. Well, there’s a recent vocabulary addition that not many are aware of that’s spelled as ‘JOMO – Joy Of Missing Out’. This term sets the context for those of us who debate between staying in on the weekends and stepping out to party. Our modern culture places the highest emphasis on letting our hair down come Friday night. But you know what? Sometimes letting your hair down equals to staying in and enjoying some much-needed downtime.

Contrary to popular belief, people who stay in on the weekends might be leading healthier and more fulfilled lives. Idolizing ‘party animals’ is just a byproduct of a social culture that believes in leading life at a fast pace, not caring to slow down even when the body and mind ask for rest. Vying away from all the gyaan, here are 5 things that people who stay in are doing right:

1. Slowing Down To Spend Precious Time With Family 

If yours is a nuclear Indian family with all of you as working members, you know how rough it can be to enjoy a single shared meal. The perks of staying in involve slowing down and creating more memories with your loved ones at home. People who stay in on the weekends bank on this and nurture connections that matter most to them.

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2. Taking Time Out For Those Passion Projects 

Not all of us have jobs that fulfill our creative potential. A lot of us have a varied of hobbies that might differ from the day to day work we do. By staying in you not allow yourself the time to hone your skills but you also build on them. Weekends serve as the best time to work on your passion projects by giving you the room to add in fresh ideas and to play around with your imagination.

3. Resting The Stress Out 

Had a rough week with very little sleep? Well, ditch that party and sleep in early this Friday. While it may sound like an appalling suggestion, the idea is not know your physical and mental limits before you burn out. It’s great to paint the town red, but some weekends become even more special if you make love to your bed.

4. Stopping To Smell The Roses

Not literally, but figuratively. When you stay in, you give yourself the time to do those little things that bring you joy. It could be as simple as watering your plants or cooking yourself a hot meal, but these simple acts of living enhance its quality. When you’re constantly on the move, you miss out on the plain joys of an afternoon spent leisurely. But people who stay in cash on the perks of doing very little, very well.

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5. Saving Up On The Cash

Let’s admit it. Being out almost every single day can take a serious toll on your bank balance, extrovert or not. A night out in the city is an expensive affair while staying in is the perfect way to not only spend quality time with our best friends but also to save on that cash.