5 Reasons Why You Must Ditch Goa And Visit Gokarna Instead

by Yogita Chainani
5 Reasons Why You Must Ditch Goa And Visit Gokarna Instead

When we talk about beach destinations in India, one place that always tops our list is Goa. And while Goa is beautiful, lively, and distinct from the rest, it’s filled with tons of tourists, which spoils the essence of the place. And if you are a beach baby and want to make the most of summers by sunbathing on the beach, then here are five reasons why you must ditch Goa and visit Gokarna instead.

5 Reasons You Must Visit Gokarna For A Beach Vacation

1. Virgin Beaches

Gokarna is still not there on the tourist map, as compared to Goa- hence the beaches here are less commercialized, more pristine, and less crowded. When you do the famous beach hike in Gokarna, you will come across beaches that you didn’t even exist.

2. Less Crowded Equals Extra Fun

Gokarna as a whole has lesser tourists, unlike Goa, which makes travelling around super convenient and easy. You don’t have to worry about traffic or getting from one place to another, since the place is not as big as Goa, but has enough beaches and cafes to keep you entertained.


3. Budget Stays Only

Goa can be done on a budget, but with time- it is becoming expensive even for budget travellers. And if you are planning a trip for Rs.5000, then Gokarna should be your pick. A hostel stays in Gokarna will cost you Rs.400-500/night, whereas renting a scooter will cost Rs.350-500/day.

4. Cheap & Best Cafes

Gokarna has limited cafes, but trust me, it’s cheap, the best, and the locations are to die for. You must visit Namaste Cafe in Gokarna to truly experience the beauty of this beach town. And since it’s less commercialised, the cafes are inexpensive, and you can easily spend hours there.


5. It’s Quaint, Small, And Can Be Covered Over The Weekend

Goa is divided into two parts- North and South; while the North is known for party beaches and nightlife, the south has more natural beauty and virgin beaches. However, you will take at least a 15-days to explore Goa as a whole. But when it comes to Gokarna, you can easily cover this temple town in 3-days, which makes it a perfect weekend getaway destination.