5 Ways To Save On Groceries In Dubai

by Saniya
5 Ways To Save On Groceries In Dubai

Now we all know Dubai is an expensive city. With ever-rising living costs, we are always in need of saving up bucks in Dubai. Besides, there is always an important event around- maybe a restaurant to try out, a new staycation to plan to, a new hangout spot to discover or maybe a vacation ticket to purchase! So every bit of the penny saved is a penny earned. And for this reason, we bring you 5 ways to save up money on groceries in Dubai:

1. Know What You Want To Buy

Prepare a list in advance and know what are the groceries you need. So not only does this save your time but it also helps in keeping away from things you don’t actually need. Besides, you know for sure you won’t be forgetting anything important too. Use a to-do app in your phone or write it down on a paper the old fashioned way, but either way, save time and money by making a grocery list.

2. Go For An In House Brand

We know there is always an urge to go for popular brands but trust us and go for an in house brand. Not only is it cheap, but generic grocery goods like salt and detergent barely have a difference in their utility or cost. So stop being a brand snob and shop the in house brands.

3. Shop At Hypermarkets Instead Of Local Stores

Hypermarkets are able to leverage the economies of scale and we are hence able to buy cheaper groceries from them. Not only are you able to buy in house products but you can also shop quicker when you have been a regular customer at your favorite hypermarket. After all, most neighborhoods do have their own grocery stores. Besides, Hypermarkets are able to save a lot of time too as you are able to pick meat cuts and fish variety.

4. Don’t Overbuy

Yes this one is obvious! But we can’t stress how important this is. Don’t overbuy products only because they are on sale and you might not even need them later. Bundle offers on sale often have shorter expiry dates, so ensure you check those expiry dates and don’t overindulge while buying.

5. Beat The Clever Marketing

We know that barbie bottle or newest FIFA edition cola can be tempting to add to your collection. But trust us they are not that important! If you are not in need of them then stay clear of the marketing tactics and buy only what you need.