Top Travel Destinations Of 2019 According To 5 Vacation Booking Sites

by Angel Srivastava
by Angel Srivastava 520

More than half the year has already passed, and if you still haven’t taken a vacation this far, it is time you get down to planning one. Planning a vacation is not an easy feat specially when it comes to researching where to go. You might be unable to pick a place from a long lineup of places or simply do not know of a place that will not only be tourist friendly but be perfect to visit any time of the year. Well, while you had been procrastinating planning that trip, travel companies all across the globe have come out with their list if the most popular vacation stops for the year 2019. Here is a list of the top travel destinations of 2019 according to vacation booking sites.

1. Expedia – Winnipeg, Canada

According to Expedia’s analysis, Canada has turned out to be the destination that has witnessed that most increase in the number of travelers as compared to last year. In fact out of the 10 destinations shortlisted by Expedia, nine are from Canada, with Winnipeg being on the top. This can also be credited to Canada’s weather which is warm and pleasant at this time of the year, attracting a lot of tourists looking to spend time outdoors. Canada is easily accessible via flights as well as ships and is one of the easiest countries to visit when it comes to getting the visa.

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2. Kayak – St. Lucia

Kayak, another vacation planning website has found out that St, Lucia in the Caribbean is another one of the top travel destinations of 2019. St Lucia in East Caribbean is a captivating and mesemerising island full of mystique. It is the only sovereign nation that has been named after a woman and has a lot of adventures and outdoor activities to offer like diving, sailing and other adventure sports to treat the adrenaline junkie in you. This is one place that if you choose, you’ll never want to go back home!

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3. Orbita – Toronto, Canada

Another pick from Canada, Toronto is a great place to travel to if you are looking for someplace different to travel to. Toronto is the capital of Ontario and one of the most major Canadian cities that lie on the banks of Lake Ontario. It is a comprehensive metropolitan city that has a lot of fun options for activities and places to visit for tourists. The city boasts of many green spaces like the oval queen’s park, the 400-acre High Park, and not to miss out on its many trails, sporting facilities, and the zoo. According to this survey done by trvel booking sites, Toronto is one of the top travel destinations of 2019.

4. Hotwire – Lake Buena Vista, FL

The data found by Hotwire found that the destinations with the biggest increase in tourism from July 2018 to July 2019 were all within the US, with Lake Buena Vista, FL coming in first place. It is mostly known for being the mailing address for Walt Disney World. It is also the home to the Walt Disney World Resort, and the Disney Springs all which are a must visit for everyone looking to treat the inner child in yourselves.

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5. Skyscanner – Madrid, Spain

One of the most beautiful location on the list of top travel destinations of 2019 according to Skyscanner is Madrid. Madrid is one of the top travel destination of 2019. Skyscanner found the Madrid in the top five when comparing July 2018 to July 2019, with Honolulu, Hawaii having the biggest YoY increase at 167 percent.

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