52nd National Day: Address Sky View’s Infinity Pool To Transform Into UAE Flag With Flower Petals

A floral tribute to UAE’s National Day by Address Sky View in collabration with Butter Dxb.

by Deeplata Garde
52nd National Day: Address Sky View’s Infinity Pool To Transform Into UAE Flag With Flower Petals

In honour of the UAE’s 52nd National Day, Address Sky View proudly unveils a stunning collaboration with Butter Dxb. A distinguished luxury flower décor and gifting company teamed up with the hotel to offer a unique display for UAE’s National Day. Revered for its expertise in floral concepts and bespoke luxury décor, Butter Dxb brings forth a display that goes beyond visual allure. The petals used in this magnificent showcase are not only visually captivating but are also thoughtfully curated for their freshness, organic quality, and irresistibly attractive essence. The collaboration between Address Sky View and Butter Dxb manifests as an awe-inspiring representation of the UAE flag, gracefully draping the entire iconic infinity pool of the property, marking a momentous celebration in Dubai and across the UAE.

Floral Elegance Reflecting National Pride

Pic Creds: Press Release

Symbolising unity and pride, Butter Dxb, known for its refined femininity and gracefulness in designs, employs its exquisite collection of flowers to meticulously craft the shape of the UAE National flag. Overall, this impeccably adorns the iconic infinity pool at Address Sky View, becoming a collaborative masterpiece that pays homage to the essence of the UAE. Also, the floral representation encapsulates the spirit of the nation’s 52nd National Day celebration, blending elegance with patriotism.

Visionary Leadership At Butter Dxb

Pic Creds: Press Release

Under the visionary leadership of founder Aastha Parekh, Butter Dxb has been redefining the landscape of floral concepts and more since its inception in early 2020. Aastha Parekh is driven by a desire to evoke emotions through timeless and elegant floral arrangements. She infuses her vision into every meticulously designed creation. She draws inspiration from her background in the luxury world of fashion. Also, Aastha has crafted Butter Dxb as a brand synonymous with sophistication and artistic expression through elegant flowers.

Luxury Beyond Blooms

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Butter Dxb’s product range encompasses high-quality floral arrangements and luxury gifting items that embody sophistication and timeless quality. From Fresh Flower Bouquets and Flower Boxes to Signature Fragrance Candles, Forever Roses, Corporate Gifting, Private Labelling, and Event Décor, Butter Dxb offers a diverse array of products. Also, it reflects a commitment to excellence and aesthetic refinement.

Address Sky View: A Luxurious Canvas

Pic Creds: Press Release

Address Sky View, an architectural marvel with twin towers connected by a sky bridge, serves as the ideal backdrop for embracing the epitome of luxury. The infinity pool, providing an unparalleled view of the iconic Burj Khalifa, now transforms into a canvas adorned with the meticulously crafted UAE National flag by Butter Dxb. This collaboration adds an extraordinary touch to the skyline-defining structure. It smoothly blends the worlds of luxury living as well as artistic expression.

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Innovative Spirit And Creativity Unleashed

The collaboration between Address Sky View and Butter Dxb for the UAE National Day celebration is a testament to the innovative spirit and creativity shared by both entities. The floral masterpiece at the infinity pool promises to captivate residents and visitors alike. It crafts itself as a symbol of unity and pride as the UAE commemorates its 52nd National Day. Overall, the fusion of elegance, artistry, and patriotism creates a memorable spectacle that resonates with the essence of the occasion.

Cover Image Courtesy: Press Release

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