55 People Fell Sick After Consuming Matka Kulfi At Renuka Mata Mandir Fair In Madhya Pradesh

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
55 People Fell Sick After Consuming Matka Kulfi At Renuka Mata Mandir Fair In Madhya Pradesh

About 55 people had to be rushed to the hospital as they complained of stomach aches and vomiting in Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone district. The number of people included 25 children from half a dozen villages. They were all diagnosed with food poisoning after consuming matka kulfi at the Renuka Mata Mandir fair in Madhya Pradesh. Matka kulfi is one of the famous things at this annual fair. 

People Fall Sick After Eating Matka Kulfi In Madhya Pradesh

Chief Medical and Health Officer of Khargone, Dr. Daulat Singh Chauhan, said that about 55 people were admitted to the hospital. These people complained of diarrhoea, stomach pain, and vomiting due to food poisoning. (As per The Times of India.)

All these complaints began on Wednesday night, after all of them came back from the Renuka Mata Mandir Fair in Madhya Pradesh. They suffered from food poisoning because they consumed matka kulfi. 

Chauhan informed me that all the patients, including 25 kids, are in stable condition. But the decision to discharge will be taken only after the doctor’s thorough examination. All of them were admitted to the district hospital, and its Resident Medical Officer, Dr Dilip Septa, mentioned that people walked in until 3am. 

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Two Children Were Critical

He said that of all the patients, there were two children who were very critical, but after proper medical help, they too were out of danger. 

At late hours of the night, these patients were visited by the Vice President of District Panchayat Bapusingh Parihar and Mengaon, TI Dinesh Kushwaha, with other administrative officers. Some people were admitted on Thursday morning. 

The annual fair was held at Renuka Mata Mandir, which is located near Rajpura and Chhatalgaon villages in Madhya Pradesh. Every year, people from Chhatalgaon, Rajpura, Badgaon, Balgaon, Ghatti, and Nagjhiri participate in this fair. 

The affected villagers were taken to the hospital with the help of 108 ambulances and other vehicles. 

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Thankfully everyone is in stable condition now.

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