6 Christmas-Special Goan Cookies & Sweets That Will Add The Merry To Your Christmas

From Bolinyas to Serradura, these 6 Christmas-special Goan cookies and sweets are a must-try!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
6 Christmas-Special Goan Cookies & Sweets That Will Add The Merry To Your Christmas

Have you ever been to Goa on Christmas? It is surely one of those experiences that you should witness at least once in your lifetime. Celebrating Christmas in the party capital of India feels simply surreal, with carols, beach parties, and delectable traditional sweets as well as cookies. After all, no festival in Goa can be complete without its traditional cuisine. From Bolinyas to Serradura, these 6 Christmas-special Goan cookies and sweets are a must-try!

6 Christmas-Special Goan Cookies & Sweets 

If you are in Goa during Christmas, here are some famous recommendations that you surely should not miss! 

1. Bolinyas

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Without the extremely distinctive Goan Bolinhas, also pronounced Bolinyas, the Christmas dish is incomplete. These mouthwatering coconut biscuits have a soft inside and a slightly crispy exterior. Although they are a year-round delectable teatime delicacy, they take centre stage on the Christmas dish. A bite into this delicious cookie, and it will genuinely melt and disintegrate in your mouth. 

2. Gons

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A delicate coconut treat known as “Teias de Aranhas,” which translates to “spider webs” or “cobwebs” in Portuguese and is also called “gons” in Goa, is prepared during the holiday season. Simple ingredients like sugar and soft coconut are cooked together and then put on baking paper to make this dessert.

3. Doce de Grao 

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Doce means “sweet” and Grao means “grain” in Portuguese, which makes sense given that’s exactly what this delicacy is composed of. Fresh coconut, split Bengal Gram (chana dal), and subtle notes of fragrant cardamom are used to make the fudge. Because chana dal is used as the foundation, this sweet has additional health benefits. Although this dish takes a lot of work and time to prepare, the end product is well worth it!

4. Goan Nevris

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Nevris are whole wheat flour-based, deep-fried pastries filled with dry fruits, jaggery, and grated coconut. It is very similar to Maharashtra’s sweet dish, Karanji, which is prepared during Diwali. This festive sweet snack is a staple of Goan cuisine and is often made during the holidays of Christmas, Diwali, and Ganesh Chaturthi.

5. Bebinca

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Bebinca, also known as bibik, is a well-known pudding from Goa. This dish, which is made with eggs, butter, flour, and coconut milk, resembles layers of cakes. You can have as many layers as you like in a traditional Bebinca, which typically comprises seven to sixteen layers. Cooking this delectable dish takes patience and time, but the results are well worth the effort.

6. Serradura

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A well-known Portuguese dessert, serradura—also called sawdust pudding or Macau pudding—is enjoyed in Goa, Macau, and Portugal. It has a layered appearance with whipped cream and crushed Marie biscuits alternately. The word serradura, which comes from the Portuguese word for “sawdust,” describes how the biscuits appear in the pudding since they have been finely crushed into crumbs.

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Pro Tip: Apart from indulging in Goan cookies and sweets, you must also take part in midnight mass and carols! 

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