6 Countries Where COVID Variant JN.1 Has Spread To & Restrictions Imposed For Travellers

From Singapore to India, many countries are currently reporting cases of COVID’s subvariant JN.1.

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
6 Countries Where COVID Variant JN.1 Has Spread To & Restrictions Imposed For Travellers

COVID has made a comeback in everyone’s life! Just as the world had finally felt better after being bombarded with words like lockdown, quarantine, viruses, and vaccines, the gangster is back with a bang in many countries. From Singapore to India, many countries are currently reporting cases of COVID’s subvariant JN.1. Some of these countries also released travel restrictions and guidelines. Check them here!

1. Indonesia

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The number of coronavirus illnesses in Indonesia has increased by 13% since November 2023; Jakarta is reporting 200 cases a day on average. Ninety percent of these instances are mild and asymptomatic, and the hospitalisation rate is under control, according to the Health Ministry. The public is being urged by the government to take the booster dose, wear masks, and avoid going to areas where there has been a documented increase in cases. Thermal scanners have also been placed in a number of sites.

2. Singapore

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Singapore has implemented stringent travel restrictions in an effort to manage the spike in cases, as the country recorded 56,0439 COVID-19 instances between December 3 and December 9, 2023. The Singaporean government has advised the public to buy travel insurance, avoid crowded situations with inadequate ventilation, and practice careful personal and social responsibility in addition to wearing masks at airports. 

Regarding the travel limitations, passengers are recommended to have a yellow fever vaccination, see a physician four to six weeks before departing, and make sure their COVID-19 immunisation is current. To better serve patients, a brand-new COVID-19 treatment facility has been established.

3. China

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China announced seven more instances related to the subvariant JN.1 on December 15, 2023. Even though the virus is not very common in the nation, officials cannot rule out the chance that it could become a dominant strain, particularly in light of instances that have been imported. Therefore, it’s advisable to follow the usual COVID-19 instructions when visiting China, including covering up in public places, making sure you’ve had your vaccination recently, and not showing any signs of the flu.

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4. Malaysia

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A week before Christmas and New Year’s, Malaysia has seen an almost twofold increase in coronavirus cases. The government has required community tracing through the “Test, Report, Isolate, Inform, Seek” (TRIIS) system, even if they haven’t suggested a total lockdown at this popular tourist destination. Regarding travel limitations, residents are asked to acquire the COVID-19 booster dose and are encouraged to wear masks. Senior citizens and people with comorbidities are also asked to do so.

5. Nepal

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Nepal provides specific guidelines for its nationals who are traveling from India. It has notified its Indian citizens that they must take an antigen test at every border crossing. The Nepalese information officer claims that people traveling across the border are being tested. According to Vipin Laika, the Health Office Baitadi’s Information Officer, every point of entry for Nepali residents arriving from India should require an antigen test. 

6. India 

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Karnataka, India, has seen a spike in positive JN.1 COVID-19 cases; as a result, the state has implemented a mandated seven-day patient isolation period. Health Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao revealed following a meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee that 36 individuals have tested positive for this novel strain, 20 of whom are from Bangalore, bringing the total number of active cases to 436. 

Reports state that 34 of the 60 samples that underwent genome sequencing tests (along with another variant, JN.1.1) are JN.1 variants. Additionally, according to state records, Karnataka has recorded two fatalities with comorbidities and 74 new COVID-19 cases. The ministry hasn’t put any limitations on New Year’s celebrations, but guests are encouraged to observe all COVID-19 guidelines, such as keeping a social distance, donning masks, and sanitizing.

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Follow the guidelines if you are travelling and stay safe.

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