6 Free Online Courses You Can Take During This Lockdown To Sharpen Your Skills

by Gizel Menezes
6 Free Online Courses You Can Take During This Lockdown To Sharpen Your Skills

While the coronavirus has undoubtedly taken a lot from us, the only probable thing we’ve got in return is time. And, to be honest, we’ve got loads of it. So instead of Netflixing your way through the lockdown or mindlessly scrolling through some apps, a rather clever thing to do would be to use this extra time on your hands ‘constructively’. Not like we’re against the occasional lazing around, but engaging in a new skill or learning something new is a sure shot effective way to get through this lockdown.

6 Free Courses To Take During This Extended Lockdown

So while the Internet is bursting with free courses and tutorials, here are our top picks for a productive lockdown.

1. Learn To Play An Instrument With Fender: What better way to get through this lockdown than through music, right? Fender is currently offering 3 months of free lessons on Fender Play. Choose from any 3 instruments – guitar, bass or ukulele. Their easy-to-follow, instructor-guided videos are sure to help new musicians as well as those further along on their musical journey. The subscriptions are limited to only the first 5,00,000 people. So go on, sign up already!

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2. Learn Photography From Nikon: Always wanted to pursue photography as a side hobby but never got the time to? Nikon School Online is offering up its entire photography course for free during the entire month of April. Both amateurs, as well as professionals, can choose from a variety of courses and learn from Nikon ambassadors and Nikon School instructors.

3. Take A Course On Artificial Intelligence: Does your face brighten up when someone mentions AI? Well, this course is for you then. IIT Delhi is offering a six-week course in Artificial Intelligence to take you through its key concepts and beyond. The course can be taken by anyone who is even remotely interested in the subject. Alternatively, you can explore the website and take on any of the courses that interest you.

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4. Learn Anything Under The Sky From Skill Share: From animation to business to music, Skill Share is offering two free months of Skillshare Premium. The courses are taught by experts in the fields, giving you in-depth knowledge, unlike most online courses.

5. Train With The Nike Training Club: Nike has put up its premium workout plans on the app Nike Training Club for free indefinitely. The NTC system contains a library of more than 185 workouts ranging from 15 to 60 minutes and provides expert tips from its elite Nike Master Trainers. Download the app on Android or iOS.

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6. Unity Learn Premium: This animation and game development platform is giving away 3 months of complimentary subscription. The courses include 2D, 3D, AR, and VR development with Unity Learn Premium. Get exclusive access to Unity experts, live interactive sessions, on-demand learning resources, and more.

Stop with those excuses already and go learn something new now! Happy Learning!

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