Peacocks Spotted Strutting Around In Posh South Mumbai Colony

by Gizel Menezes
Peacocks Spotted Strutting Around In Posh South Mumbai Colony

While humans are locked up in their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic, animals have taken over and are reclaiming the streets. In another incident, residents of a posh SoBo colony in Mumbai spotted at least a dozen peacocks strutting inside their colony.

Image Courtesy: Mid-Day

Pride Of Peacocks Spotted In Mumbai’s Tardeo Region

In the quiet lanes of the iconic Khareghat Parsi Colony in Tardeo, residents were pleasantly surprised when a pride of peacocks was spotted in their colony. The peacocks, who came from the nearby Doongerwadi forest in search of food and water, were roaming inside the colony and were spotted sitting on people’s porches.

While some residents claim that these are usual sightings and peacocks are a regular feature in their colony, some say that they have never seen so many birds at once. However, most of them agree that the sightings have become more frequent as the lockdown has given flora and fauna the time and opportunity to revel in some freedom.

Sunish Subramanian, Secretary of Plants and Animals Welfare Society in Mumbai said, “Peacocks come visiting if it is a feeding area. But sometimes they leave their original spots due to heat and lack of food and water in that area. Maybe, the peacocks cannot find adequate food and water in Doongerwadi and hence came out of their natural habitat in search of food in the colony.”

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Juhi Chawla Too Shares Pictures Of These Pictures Of Peacocks In Balbulnath

Actor Juhi Chawla too seemed fascinated by the sightings and shared the pictures of the peacocks and peahens taking over the residential area on her Twitter account.

This phenomenon is being observed worldwide, not just in India. In Barcelona, wild boars were seen descending from the hills whereas, in Japan, the sika deer was spotted around the deserted metro station of Nara.

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