6 Healthy & Delicious Millet Desserts To Make This Diwali

by Shreya Rathod
6 Healthy & Delicious Millet Desserts To Make This Diwali

Rich in nutrients and health benefits millets are a superfood. They are proven to help with blood sugar regulation, weight management, heart health, digestion, and much more. In fact, these are the terms that are trending right now in the nutrition and health space. Using millet flour in place of ordinary flour is a convenient solution. After that, you can use millet to prepare a variety of dishes, including desserts. Here are some of the millet desserts you can make this Diwali.

6 Millet Desserts To Make This Diwali

1. Kodo Millet Laddu

Since India leads the world in kodo millets production, the crop’s cultivation is very important economically. It is brimming with nutritional fibre, proteins, and carbs. It has minerals like calcium, iron, and phosphorus as well as vitamins like riboflavin and niacin. This kodo millet laddu with jaggery is a healthy and delicious mithai to have for Diwali.

2. Millet Cake

There is nothing more heavenly than a spongy and tasty cake! However, because of the excess use of plain flour, it has gained a reputation for being an unhealthy dish. However, have you tried a millet cake? The use of millet flour gives it nutritional benefits and it is an alternative for health-conscious people with the goodness of millet!

3. Millet Barfi

This recipe for barfi is so simple and straightforward that it will melt on your tongue. With basic materials from the kitchen, this Indian sweet treat may be prepared in about one hour. But instead of making it the traditional way, use millet flour to make it more healthy and nutritious. This one is a perfect dish to make this Diwali.

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4. Millet Kheer

One of our favourite types of Indian dessert is kheer, which has a variety of delicious flavours that we can savour! But among all of the kheer recipes, Millet Kheer stands out the most. This mouthwatering recipe, well-known for its incredible taste and health benefits, will make a delicious dessert for everyone! This delicious recipe is enhanced in flavour by the addition of different nuts, such as pistachios, almonds, and raisins, which lend a hint of nutty flavour.

5. Millet Halwa

This millet halwa is a really simple and tasty dessert that you can make right now. It is high in dietary fibre and beneficial to the digestive system. Ghee-roasted barnyard millet is fragrant when done. When it thickens, add water and simmer. Stir in the jaggery and serve with roasted dry fruits and a teaspoon of ghee. Enjoy it, it’s really mouthwatering! To satisfy your sweet craving, halwa is made using barnyard millet and jaggery for sweetness.

6. Multi Millet Flour Laddu

A blend of whole wheat flour and other millets is used to make millet laddu, also known as multigrain laddu. Millet laddu, enhanced with nuts and seeds and sweetened with jaggery, is the ideal fusion of flavours and textures. This delectable snack works well as a dessert or at festivals. Four types of grains are used to make the flour for this millet ladoo dish. But, you can just swap them out for any other millets you choose, or you may buy multigrain flour from the store.

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These unusual millet laddus not only make a great snack but can also be produced for festivals and celebrations.

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