6 Heritage Bungalows Near Kolkata That Will Give You Royal Feels

by Tejashee Kashyap
6 Heritage Bungalows Near Kolkata That Will Give You Royal Feels

The state of Bengal is rich in history and culture, and one of the things adding to its charm is the heritage bungalows that can be found throughout. They are an important part of the city’s architectural legacy and offer visitors a glimpse into the colonial past and the lifestyles of the erstwhile zamindars. An escape to these heritage bungalows which are mostly located near Kolkata acts like a time capsule to the vintage life.

Here’s a list of heritage bungalows near Kolkata converted into luxury hotels or homestays, where you can still experience old-world charm:

1. Bari Kothi


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Bari Kothi is housed in a 100-year-old mansion that has been carefully restored to its former glory and taken care of by the rural community of Azimganj. The property is a fine example of traditional Bengali architecture and design, featuring intricate wooden carvings, stained glass windows, and a central courtyard. It comes with three kinds of suites. The heritage one is with traditional interiors and is furnished with antique decor. The Royal Heritage Suites open to Sheesh Mahal views, and are furnished with 250-year-old antique furniture while the Maharaja Suite exude an aura of the old world charm.

Where: Jainpatty, Azimganj (four hours from Kolkata)
Cost: ₹15,000 onwards/night (approx.)

2. Itachuna Rajbari

The history of Itachuna Rajbari can be traced back to the Marathas. This 18th-century palace is still run by the descendants of the Kundu family, the Maratha warrior. However, only a small portion of the two-storeyed Rajbari offers a glimpse of the grand life of the erstwhile zamindars. Altogether, it’s a 14-room heritage property.

Where: Itachuna, West Bengal (2 hours from Kolkata)
Cost: ₹3,100 onwards/night (approx.)

3. The Denmark Tavern

Located at one end of the historic town of Serampore (30km from Kolkata by road), The Denmark Tavern is now a time capsule that takes you back to pre-Independence Bengal.  Additionally, this tavern is a more than 230-year-old building that once used to be a riverside café and hotel. The erstwhile tavern provides accommodation in five spacious rooms, with vintage romance balanced with contemporary amenities.

Where: Serampore, West Bengal (1-2 hours from Kolkata)
Cost: ₹7,900 onwards/night (approx.)

4. The Rajbari Bawali

A time capsule to the erstwhile Zamindar life, The Rajbari Bawali in Nodakhali, once belonged to the Senapati of the Raja of Hijli. The 300-year-old property is a luxurious escapade into the quintessential Bengali Zamindar life. There are seven kinds of suites, each exhibiting opulence and style. Moreover, you can feel grandeur at every nook and corner of the property with pleasing interiors,  antique furniture and state-of-the-art modern amenities.

Where: Nodakhali, West Bengal (1-2 hours from Kolkata)
Cost: ₹6,000 onwards/night (approx.)

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5. Jhargram Raj Palace


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The Jhargram Raj Palace is an ode to the architecture of colonial times. Located in the Jhargram district, the Palace is the current residence of the Malla Deb Royal family. A part of the palace is converted into a heritage hotel housing six different kinds of suites. This restored palace lets you live a life of contemporary and vintage glamour while bringing a slice of Italian and Bengal architecture.

Where: Jhargram, West Bengal (4 hours from Kolkata)
Cost: ₹3,700 onwards/night (approx.)

6. Cossimbazar Rajbari

Heritage Bungalows Near Kolkata
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The historical town of Murshidabad in West Bengal houses the Cossimbazar Rajbari. A fine example of European and Indian architecture, the heritage landmark belonged to the family of Roys, a dewan of the East India Company then. Now, some parts of the palace have been converted into a walk-through museum. Additionally, the Roy family has converted a few rooms of the palace into guest rooms. The rooms exude an old-world charm featuring high ceilings, chandeliers and regal furniture.

Where: Kasim Bazar, West Bengal (6 hours from Kolkata)
Cost: ₹7,000 onwards/night (approx.)

Which of these heritage bungalows near Kolkata has piqued your interest?

Cover image credits: Website/Bari Kothi