6 Reasons For Which Passengers Were Deboarded From Flight So Far In October!

by Shreya Rathod
6 Reasons For Which Passengers Were Deboarded From Flight So Far In October!

We have come across several instances where passengers were removed or deboarded from the flights. And that is why this kind of news doesn’t surprise us anymore. Reasons for passengers being deboarded have always been their unruly behaviour or the fact that they were inebriated. However, in a recent incident, a woman was deboarded for sweating!

6 Reasons Where Passengers Were Deboarded!

1. Woman Removed From Jet2 Flight For Sweating!

Jet2 Flight
Credits: Wikimedia

Helen Taylor, a resident of Chester-le-Street, had been anticipating a quick getaway with her husband David. On October 2, the 56-year-old travelled to Newcastle International Airport with her companion and easily boarded their Jet2 aircraft. But when she came back from the restroom, the attendants started to wonder if she was safe to fly. She reported that after merely eating for the first time that day, she started to sweat and felt a little lightheaded. She claimed that she was denied boarding after being sick on a flight because of her Type 2 diabetes and menopause.

2. Drunk Passenger Deboarded From Ryanair Flight

Ryanair Flight
Credits: Wikimedia

A guy was hauled from a Ryanair aircraft from Liverpool to Ibiza because of his “disruptive” behaviour, forcing the plane to land in France. Notably, on October 3, at 12:40 pm, a Boeing 737 departed Liverpool John Lennon Airport. After just about an hour in the air, the flight was forced to land in the south of France after an alcoholic passenger displayed strange behaviours before dropping out of his seat.

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3. Passengers Asked To Leave Eva Air Flight For Disruptive Behaviour

Eva Air Flight
Credits: Wikimedia

Due to their disruptive behaviour on the flight, two passengers were asked to leave by Eva Air. The flight was due to leave London Heathrow on September 30 and make a stop in Thailand’s Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International. Taiwan’s Taipei was its final stop. The passengers were ultimately removed from the plane at Vienna Airport in Austria.

4. Passenger Refused To Place Her Handbag In Overhead Bin

United Nigeria Airlines
Credits: Canva (Rep Img)

United Nigeria Airlines, UNA, removed an irate female passenger from its flight U5 0510 from Lagos to Owerri. It was discovered that the passenger’s disruptive actions, which threatened the safety and order on board, resulted in security personnel escorting her off the aircraft. The incident started when the customer became irate when the flight attendant requested her to put her handbag in the overhead compartment.

5. Passenger Detained At Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
Credits: Wikimedia

Following an email threat that claimed a passenger on an Air India flight was a potential hijacker, authorities at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad raised the alarm late on Sunday night. The email, which was sent from an unidentified email address, raised questions about the security of flight AI951 to Dubai. Airport security recognised the passenger and detained him and was taken right away to an isolation bay.

6. Passenger Was Removed From easyJet Flight

Credits: Wikimedia

The police removed a disruptive passenger from an easyJet aircraft. The flight from Bristol to Athens was diverted to Frankfurt on Sunday, October 8 so that authorities could deplane a passenger who was behaving disruptively onboard. According to the airline, disruptive behaviour is not tolerated, and such situations are addressed severely. They confirmed this incident and stated that the flight was diverted.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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