6 Reasons Your Girl Friends Are The Best Thing To Happen To You

by Natasha Monteiro
6 Reasons Your Girl Friends Are The Best Thing To Happen To You

Sure we all have that one cool guy friend and of course, there’s a boyfriend/husband, but there ain’t nothing that comes close to your bunch of girl friends. They’re your partners in crime & chime. Am I right, ladies?

Now personally I always make it a point to catch up with my girls as often as I can and the best way to do it is over brunch and Hoegaardens. Weirdly, it’s that beer that got the 4 of us together (but that’s another story) and we haven’t really stopped since. *Hic Hic* If you’re still not convinced, Here’s 6 reasons that you must catch up for brunch with your girlies and #SavourTheMoment as often as possible.

1. Say Goodbye To Monotony

The same ol’ 9-5 job, chores, groceries and more. Planning a brunch with your girls is probably the best way for you to get through the week. At least, you have something to look forward to – like chilled glasses of Hoegaarden and unending gossip.

2. They’re Your Pillars Of Strength

Who needs therapy when you have your girl friends? This bunch is there for you when you’re feeling low, depressed or fat! There’s no one else who makes you feel more like the queen you are than this bunch right here. They’re your emotional support, love gurus and the best pick me ups.

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3. Irreplaceable Gossip Partners

I’ve said it for years, there’s no better therapy than gossip with your girls over beers (Hoegaarden obviously!). Gossip is the real glue in any friendship and a good ol’ bitchin’ session can do wonders. Whether it’s boy trouble or what that girl from your BFF’s office did – you know you want to hear it all.

Best cheerleaders

4. No Judgement Policy

They’re the one set of people that you can absolutely be yourself with – burps, unwaxed legs et all. There’s no judgement whatsoever – not to say that they won’t kick your a** if you decide to go back to your ex! Your ladies are like your extended fam and they love your imperfections.

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5.  Best Cheerleaders Ever!

Whatever crazy plan you have next, you know these girls are going to be right there beside you – from getting inked to scaling the Himalayas. But they’re also your biggest reality checks! You don’t want to be stuck with an icky tattoo forever, right? They’re also probably the only ones who can convince you to wear that gold, sequined dress that’s been lying in the back of your closet forever.

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6. Non-Stop, Guaranteed Fun & Laughs

Giggles with the girls should just be made an official hashtag already! You know you’re making memories for a lifetime every time you meet your girlies.

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Did we check off all the things you love to do with your girlfriends? Let us know how they make you feel special in the comments below!