6 Reasons Rameswaram Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

by Kamiya Jani
6 Reasons Rameswaram Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

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Located on the Southern Coast of India, Rameswaram was once visited by the Gods. Now it’s time for you to make a trip.

Why Rameswaram?

A friend of mine recently visited Rameswaram and I asked her the same question, “Why Rameswaram?” She then proceeded to show me the pictures from her trip and I WAS SOLD. Rameswaram is a land of pristine beauty, bright blue skies, water sports, spiritual love and happiness. Here are some more reasons you should pack your bags and head to the holy city NOW!

1. A Thrill Ride Over A Seabridge

Picture a place with waters so blue, so clean and so pristine that you struggle to name it. Now, imagine the wind caressing your face as you take the journey in a train over a bridge that is made in the middle of the sea. Going over the Pamban bridge is the only way to get to Rameswaram. You can choose to drive down from Madurai or take the train. But this is the only way this holy island is connected to mainland India. Don’t believe us? Take a look.

Chennai Express on the Pamban Bridge

Designed by the German engineer Scherzer, in 1913, this sea bridge has been the oldest in India. It has also been the longest sea bridge (2.5 kms) until the Bandra-Worli sealink came up in 2010. When on the seabridge, the train reduces its speed to only 20-40 km/hr as it is believed to be very vulnerable. But worry not, Pamban has withstood a severe cyclonic storm in the 1964. Although many of the metal structures, girders and concrete elements were washed away, this bridge stayed strong.

The route to this scenic island is dotted with tiny fishermen boats and is a breath of fresh air. Take a moment at the Pamban beach as well and experience nature the way it was meant to be. The water is so blue, it will take away your blues.

2. The Ghost Town Of Dhanuskhodi

At the most south-eastern tip of Rameswaram lies the mysterious town of Dhanuskhodi. This is where the quiet and serene Bay of Bengal meets the wild and aggressive Indian Ocean. From this point, Sri Lanka is only 18 kilometers away. But this is not the only recall value this beach town has anymore. The cyclonic storm of 1964 washed away this busy and crowded city killing close to 2000 people. Now besides the waves crashing the lonely shores, all you see is the remnants of the cyclone – a broken church, abandoned homes, shattered railway station and barren land.


Below The Relic Church

Due to several accidents, the Government of Madras has now declared Dhanuskhodi as a Ghost Town. No tourist is allowed to be here post 6 pm. The beautiful spot has nature’s best and worst to offer that no man made beauty can match up to. BTW, this is also the point where Lord Ram and Laxman left from to look for Sita in Sri Lanka.

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3. APJ Abdul Kalam’s House

A trip to Rameswaram would not be complete without a visit to the ‘Kalam House’. Situated on Mosque Street, this is where our former President was raised. A child of a boat owner and a home maker, APJ Abdul Kalam went on to become one of the foremost scientists of the country and a revered leader.

House of Kalam Museum

The house has been converted into a museum and is maintained by his older brother, Mohammed Muthu Meera Lebbai Maraicker. You’ll be taken through a guided tour of the house with narration and retold stories of his childhood. Today, many eminent scientists visit his home to know about his learnings and discoveries. An APJ Kalam memorial is also underway and will be ready by 2018.

4. Wash Your Sins At Ramanathaswamy Temple

This is one of the most important and obvious reasons to visit the holy island. Considered as one of the Char Dhams, Ramanathaswamy is one of the holiest temples in the Hindu religion with several shrines. Lord Ram was an ardent worshipper of Lord Shiva and hence the name Rameswaram. The huge temples have beautiful ornate corridors, towers and is home to 36 theerthams. Interestingly, this massive structure started off a small hut and over time people added to the temple to create the mammoth structure.

Ramanathaswamy Temple

The western tower and the eastern tower are about 78ft high and 126ft respectively. There are more 64 temples here and each temple has a role to play in Ramayana. So if you are an ardent fan of Ram, Sita, Laxman and Raavan, an old world exists for you at Rameswaram.

5. A Visual Treat At The Ariyaman Beach

150 m of sheer bliss! That’s what we call it. De-stress, relax and just take in the beauty of this white sand wonder. Try out parasailing or a water scooter ride. Tease your adventurous side. Go for some wind surfing instead. The beach has a stretch of Casuarina trees that makes it the perfect picnic spot. If you’ve got kids, take them to the children’s park. Ariyaman also has an aquarium and a museum.

Ariyaman Beach – A tourist hotspot

6. Find Comfort At Hyatt Place Rameswaram

We are glad that this holy island finally gets a hotel from an international brand. Strategically located close to all the iconic hot-spots of Rameswaram, Hyatt Place is just the kind of hotel a city-goer will love and something this island has never seen. Straightforward and functional in its design, the hotel is comfortable, convenient and a safe place to stay in as you explore Rameswaram. This is where we recommend you stay for your trip. The perks of the hotel are aplenty including:

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       Gallery Market


Hyatt Place Rameswaram

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So would you like to add Rameswaram as your next holiday destination? We know we’re definitely going again.

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