6 Wedding Cake Trends That You Should Bookmark For Your Wedding

Check out this list before you finalise your wedding cake!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
6 Wedding Cake Trends That You Should Bookmark For Your Wedding

Nothing can be more difficult than picking the perfect venue and outfit for your wedding. Ok, maybe even choosing the right cake is as difficult. After all, it’s your big day, and you want everything to be perfect and trendy at the same time, be it the lehenga or the cake. Open Google, and you will find a crazy set of options that will end up confusing you more. So don’t worry, here are some amazing wedding cake trends list that we have curated for your big day. 

6 Wedding Cake Trends 

1. Pressed Flowers Cake

Credits: Canva

It’s no secret that using lovely, natural flowers on wedding cakes and other sweets has become popular in recent years. Not chocolate-covered, fondant-covered, sugar-coated flowers, but real edible flowers. If you’re planning a garden wedding, we definitely recommend adopting this style because we adore how they look squished into buttercream.

2. Metallic Touch Cake

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Wedding cakes are becoming culinary works of art with the addition of metallic elements, which give them an air of luxury. This trend promises to make your wedding cake absolutely distinctive, whether it’s a full-blown metallic masterpiece or just a sprinkle of shimmering gold leaf. A little glitter never goes wrong; after all, it’s your big day, so why not go a little extra on your cake?

3. Geometric Cake

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Another recent fad that brides and grooms are adoring is geometric-shaped wedding cakes. It’s a stylish method to give your wedding cake a contemporary feel while still having the ideal symmetry and design. A semi-geometric shape is a good option if you want to add a modern touch without being too crazy about the notion. This stylish and adaptable style will incorporate just the appropriate amount of contemporary accents.

4. Semi-Naked Cake

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Simple cakes without fondant are simply wonderful. You can always choose semi-naked ones if you detest the heavy fondant covering and coating. As the layers of sponge with cream are kind of visible, the trend is called semi-naked. With the fruit decorations, not only do they look gorgeous, but your guests will be able to see precisely what they are being served. This sometimes gets a lot more attractive as, after all, “simplicity attracts”.

5. Textured Cakes

Credits: Canva

One of the most loved on the wedding cake trend list! Both the taste and the pattern type that you want to use for the texture can be altered. Using buttercream, fondant, sprinkles, and other edible decorations, you can create a textured cake. Imagine hand-painted masterpieces, delicious lace, or even ruffles made of buttercream. These textures provide a multisensory experience that your guests won’t soon forget, pleasing the palate in addition to the eyes.

6. Personalised Flavours

Credits: Canva

Vanilla will always have its place, but why not add a tinge of what you and your partner like to the wedding cakes? Push the flavour boundaries and personalise a flavour! Couples are opting for unique and personalised flavours like lavender-infused cake, chai-spiced tiers, or even zesty citrus delights. It’s a chance to surprise and delight your guests’ taste buds.

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