61 Year Old Woman In Nagpur Sells 4 Dosas Only For Rs 10!


Gone are the days of good, humble food for which you don’t have to break your bank what with location and ambience etc taking precedence over serving nicely cooked meals! But this old woman reminds us that it is still possible to cook from the heart. Here’s everything we found out about this amazing woman and her delicious food.

The Dosa Lady Of Nagpur

After facing many hardships in life, now 61 years old, Sharda Chauragade woman, set up a small stall serving idli and dosas at a mere Rs 1. It has been around since 2004!


Just opposite Shri DD Nagar school and adjacent to Ramesh Chandak Scool, the stall is now always flanked by hungry school children as well as many other customers who come to eat a hearty meal for a staggeringly low price.


Acknowledging the poor background of these children, she sells 4 dosas for Rs 10 and also 4 idlis for Rs 10!

What’s More?

Now financially secure, she continues to be the sole source of home cooked meals for these children out of sheer passion besides ailing from severe back injuries owing to violence and harassment at the hands of her own husband.


The food she serves will truly transport you back home and is worth the travel. We salute her bravery in breaking free from violence and becoming a strong, independent woman!


Chalo Nagpur!



Madhusree Chatragadda
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