7 Prettiest Streets In India To Click Catchy Pictures For Your Instagram Feed

Prettiest Streets In India
by Ananya Singh 194

Who doesn’t enjoy having a large following and double taps on each of their Instagram pictures? Okay, everybody! We all know that using the proper hashtags is one method to accomplish this, but the key to capturing hearts is to upload gorgeous and jaw-dropping photographs. Therefore, we came up with these seven prettiest streets In India that need to be in your future posts to assist you in achieving the objective and becoming a star among your Instagram friends-jam!

1. French Colony, Pondicherry

Prettiest Streets In India

Image Credits: Unsplash

It’s safe to say that Pondicherry will somewhat fulfil your desire if you’ve ever wanted to visit the south of France. With its traditional architecture, excellent restaurants, beautiful beaches, and laid-back lifestyle, this charming town, which was once a French colony, will give you a taste of the European way of life. And those tiny yellow houses are the ideal backdrop to take pictures of yourself.

2. Lodhi Road, Delhi

Lodhi Garden

Image Credits: Unsplash

The Lodhi Art District’s off-white walls bear artistic imprints. You know what we’re talking about if you’ve ever travelled through these prettiest streets. You could spend hours roaming around the art neighbourhood just admiring, taking pictures, and standing in front of the vivid and unique graffiti, which speaks for itself. Safe to say, it is Delhi’s photo enthusiasts’ favourite location.

3. Assagao, Goa

these 7 Prettiest Streets In India that need to be in your future posts to assist you in achieving the objective and becoming a star among your Instagram friends-jam!

Image Credits: Internal

How serene would it be to visit a region of Goa that offers peace so that you may spend the day relaxing and strolling through Portuguese villas amid lush vegetation? And, well, click some pictures while you’re at it. The small village of Assagao is well-known for its cafes, restaurants, shops, and galleries. However, it is also peppered with stunning buildings and churches. Assagao is a secluded area that only those who love to travel off the beaten path visit because it is a little removed from the beaches and surrounded by hills.

4. Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu

prettiest streets

Image Credits: Wikipedia

The stunning Chettinad region is still undiscovered and unusual. Additionally, Chettinad tourism draws fewer visitors than it could. Nevertheless, it has one of the prettiest streets for Instagram-worthy pictures. It has lush meadows, picturesque scenery, and perfectly clear lakes. Add to that the distinctively designed Chettiar homes, delectable cuisine, fabled Ayyanar, and other temples and historic palaces turned into hotels, offering lavish accommodations and an unforgettable experience.

5. China Town, Kolkata

7 Prettiest Streets In India To Click Catchy Pictures For Your Instagram Feed

Image Credits: Canva

The cultures of ancient Kolkata and East Asia harmoniously converge in China Town. The Tiretti Bazaar, also known as “New China Town,” is a bustling hub of business, intercultural exchange, and many Mahjong. The entire area is crammed with restaurants frequented by locals and visitors, clubs, Chinese temples, and narrow passageways lined with rows of busy stalls. 

6. Majnu Ka Tilla, Delhi

Majnu ka tila

Image Credits: Unsplash

Majnu Ka Tilla or MKT, tucked away peacefully in North Campus, is comparable to mini Tibet in Delhi. Students from North Campus and those who live nearby will always claim that it is their absolute favourite place for food and photos. Beautiful Buddhist temples and elegant cafes and shops may be found in the central courtyard of these tiny alleyways. They’ve made a name for themselves and brought a brand-new culinary experience and an entirely fresh and distinctive style to the city. We advise you to acquire the perfect Instagram shot in these prettiest streets at least once touring the region.

7. Fontainhas, Goa


Image Credits: Unsplash

Unquestionably, Goa’s fontainhas is a photographer’s dream. Goa is home to numerous stunning locations worth drooling over, but Fontainhas stands out as a singular experience unlike any other. Some places in India would transport you back in time, but based on our expertise, Fontainhas would surpass them all. It will transport you to the Portuguese era. So please don’t fail to capture the Latin Quarters of Panjim, Goa, with its small, meandering Fontainhas alleyways. 

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So, ready to soak in the colours of these beautiful streets?

Cover Image Courtesy: Unsplash