72-Year-Old Woman Goes Ziplining In Saree In Kerala; Internet Awestruck

by Suchismita Pal
72-Year-Old Woman Goes Ziplining In Saree In Kerala; Internet Awestruck

Are you scared of heights? Take inspiration from this 72-year-old Kerala woman who embarked on a ziplining experience wearing a saree. Yes, you read that right. The elderly woman identified as Paruamma ziplined with full confidence and also gave a fist bump to the one recording the video after she reached the endpoint. An Instagram handle named yathrikan_200 first shared the video. The adventurous amma left netizens awestruck and soon the video garnered over 7500 likes and 160 comments. It was reshared by many users too. On the yathra_premikal page, the video grabbed over 49.4K likes and 573 comments.

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Age Is Just A Number!

The caption of the video ( translated to English) on the yathrikan_200 page reads, “It’s Paruamma’s 72 years old, she came to the park, she has a desire to zip line … I’m able to fulfil the small wishes of a lot of people like this, do you have it?” The video received loads of love and heart reactions in the comments section. In another post, yathrikan_200 stated, “This was Paruamma’s dream come true.” She enjoyed the activity at a park in Kerala’s Palakkad.


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Other Thrillseekers Who Indulged In Adventure Sports In Saree

This is not the first time someone indulged in an adventure sport donning a saree. Earlier, an NRI Couple Had Gone Skiing In The US Wearing Saree And Dhoti. Also, a 46-Year-Old Indian Mother Of Two Skated In Saree And Became An Internet Sensation. Managing a tough sport and a saree together can be acutely challenging. But these power women prove that when there is a strong will, nothing is impossible. Have you also come across someone like them? If yes, let us know in the comments section below.