8-Year-Old Attacked By A Rodent In Hyderabad’s McDonald’s Outlet. This Twitter Video Will Leave You In Shock!

by Shreya Rathod
8-Year-Old Attacked By A Rodent In Hyderabad’s McDonald’s Outlet. This Twitter Video Will Leave You In Shock!

What’s the first place that comes to mind when you think of burgers? McDonald’s, right? It’s one of the most famous quick-service restaurants in India. And while we love visiting this fast-food eatery, the quality of food sometimes varies from one outlet to another. An incident took place in Telangana’s McDonald’s which shocked everyone. Take a look at the sanitary conditions of this McDonald’s outlet in Telangana and how a child was attacked by a massive rat.

Child Attacked At McDonald’s

A Twitter user Savio H tweeted the CCTV footage of a McDonald’s outlet in Hyderabad’s SPG Hotel. It showed a rodent climbing up a kid’s pants and biting him. His father removed the child’s pants and threw them away. The family had come to have a nice meal, but instead, their son got attacked by a rodent! This incident has left everyone in shock and questioning the sanitary conditions of restaurants.

The father has even filed an FIR (First Information Report) following this incident. According to the report, the family was relishing their order when a large mouse came running out of the toilet. And though the entire staff was present, no one tried to stop or catch the mouse. The mouse came running at his son and climbed up his pants. This entire incident was traumatising for the child and he was taken to the hospital.

Official Statement By The Restaurant

McDonald’s India West and South has released an official statement saying, “We at McDonald’s India take pride in always maintaining the highest levels of QSC (quality, service, and cleanliness) across all our restaurants. We are aware of the issue that is being reported. The incident was very surprising for our crew at the restaurant, as it was for the customers. The crew immediately sprung into action to manage the situation”

They further stated, “The Food Safety officers too found in their audit, that we are maintaining the required standards in the restaurant. All our restaurants periodically go through Pest Control and are certified pest free including the restaurant in question. At McDonald’s India, customers’ safety and well-being are our utmost priority and we are committed to providing safe, hygienic and quality food always.”

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Unsanitary Conditions At Renowned Restaurants

In the food and beverage business, sanitisation of a place is a top priority. The owners need to take necessary steps to ensure that the kitchen and food quality is updated to the mark. And while we all love eating restaurant food, customers need to ensure the restaurants they visit serve good quality food and maintain safety standards.

This rodent incident is not new in India. Many restaurants fail to do regular pest control and cleaning of their kitchens. Sometimes, they even serve dishes made of expired products. And even add too much food colouring which is not healthy.

Having roaches and rodents roaming in the restaurant is a sign of the unhealthy and filthy conditions of the restaurant. It can lead to food poisoning and in extreme cases, death.

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So, the next time you visit a restaurant, keep an eye out for its sanitary conditions.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva (Rep Img) & Savio H/ Twitter