86% Of UAE Travellers Plan To Go On International Holidays In 2021-2022; Europe Most Preferred Destination

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
86% Of UAE Travellers Plan To Go On International Holidays In 2021-2022; Europe Most Preferred Destination

A survey conducted by dnata Travel, the UAE’s longest-standing travel provider revealed that 86% of UAE travellers are ready to plan an international holiday in 2021- 2022. The survey was conducted among thousands of UAE travellers in July and August 2021.

56% UAE Residents Plan To Travel To Europe For Their Next Holiday

Revealing insights to UAE residents’ travel plans for 2021 and 2022 , 86% of the respondents expressed the desire to travel internationally in this time.

In addition, 56% indicated a plan to travel to Europe for their next holiday, with more than a half plan to stay for a duration of one to two weeks. In fact, Switzerland, UK, Italy, Greece, and Georgia, also stood as the most preferred travel destinations among UAE residents. This represents a significant increase in room nights compared to previous years, with dnata Travel reporting a past average of three to four night stays in European destinations for UAE travellers.

Emily Jenkins, Head of Leisure UAE at dnata Travel, commented: “We conducted the latest dnata Travel survey in July/August 2021, as international travel witnessed significant growth with many countries opening up to vaccinated travellers ahead of the summer, including destinations across Europe, North America, parts of the Indian Ocean, and Asia.”

Outside of Europe, survey respondents expressed interest in planning travel to Asia, with Thailand making up the vast majority, followed by the Middle East, North America, and the Indian Ocean.

58% UAE Residents Feel More Confident To Travel Abroad Than Most Other Countries; Survey Reveals

Another survey conducted by YouGov reveals that UAE residents feel more confident to travel abroad than any other global consumers, in the next one year. The daily survey analyzed the global travel demand across 25 countries as well as the setbacks and motivations of about 185,000 respondents from 25 markets around the world. As per the result, only 18% of those surveyed were ready to plan an international holiday in the next 12 months.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia took the lead with 58% of respondents in the UAE and 48% in Saudi Arabia ready to travel abroad in the next one year. In fact, the respondents said they were more likely to go on an International holiday than a domestic one. On the other hand, only 4% of those surveyed in Japan said they had any intention of taking an international trip in the next 12 months.

The survey also revealed that people are ready to travel for business reasons. 18% of respondents in the Middle East and Africa said they were willing to travel for work, while 6% of European respondents also said the same. The survey also touched upon the factors which prevented people from travelling and health risks emerged as the main concern.

Health risk was one of the major concerns in Saudi Arabia while respondents in the UAE said travel restrictions and health concerns were equally critical for them to make travel decisions. A third of respondents in the UAE also said the price of travelling has an impact on their decisions.