A 5-Min Instant Video Call Can Get You Your UAE Visa Without The Hassle Of Visiting The Centre. Deets Inside!

by Deeplata Garde
A 5-Min Instant Video Call Can Get You Your UAE Visa Without The Hassle Of Visiting The Centre. Deets Inside!

Tired of searching and visiting the centre to complete a visa process? We got you. Now it’s time to switch to being completely digital. The tech city, Dubai is offering a digital getaway to all your visa problems. Now instead of physically visiting the centres you can apply for and receive your residence visa with just a 5-min instant video call. Surprising? Deets inside.

Your UAE Visa Is Just A 5 Min Video Call Away

Video Call
Pic Creds: Government Of Dubai

On Wednesday, January 11, the General Directorate of Residence and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA-Dubai) launched this service. It is making it possible for anybody to email papers and application processes linked to residency using this latest tech. Make a video call to a representative of the government. It’s that simplified.

Now, anyone can carry out transactions pertaining to residency in Dubai over video calls without going to customer care centres. And this is applicable to anyone from over the globe.

All you need is a good front-facing camera phone or laptop and a strong network connection.

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Zero Visit To The Physical Centers Target

Users can upload paperwork to GDRFA using Dubai’s new video call service within 5 minutes. So drop the plan to visit the customer satisfaction service centres. In case you forgot to submit the documents, just slide them in the chatbox while on the video call.

The service elevates smart governance because clients may also request it through the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs on Dubai’s website or app.

The Department’s main agenda is to achieve zero visit targets through this newly launched video call service.  The operating hours are from the start of the day till six o’clock.

The officials in charge of this new service announced that the assistance would soon be available around the clock. The customer will receive a link to set up an appointment to see the administration if the official is unable to finish an application.

What do you prefer? Digital help or physical assistance for Visa work?

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