A Bar In New Zealand Is Looking For Women With ‘DD Breasts’ & ‘Good Smile’

by Shreya Ghosh
A Bar In New Zealand Is Looking For Women With ‘DD Breasts’ & ‘Good Smile’

When women in the world are fighting and working hard against all norms for equal rights, we see a shallow example of someone degrading women. With every achievement, women are breaking barriers and we feel like the world is changing on a good note, some people still consider women are just used to attract others. Recently a bar in New Zealand is getting massively slammed for putting up a disrespectful advertisement looking for women workers.

A Bar In New Zealand Crossed All The Barriers Of Sexism

Staffs who work in a bar need to have some specific skills to be eligible to work there. Some very common skills that we can think of are bartending skills, politeness, customer service skills, sales skills, and importantly great verbal communication skills. Well, a bar in New Zealand is looking for women staff and they do not mention any of these above-mentioned skills in their poster ad. They absolutely do not care about their women staff’s experiences. Rather the primary focus of the bar is to search for those women who ‘Must have Double D Breasts, A Great Smile & A Good Attitude’. 

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At the end of the advertisement, the owner of the bar made sure to mention that ‘But Men Can Also Apply!!!’. We still do not understand the meaning of this sentence in this job application. The creators of this sexiest ad might have thought it to be funny but in reality, it is very saddening and problematic.

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Such Workplaces Still Exist In The Society!

The world is stooping at a new low and this is a classic example of that. Even in the 21st century, women are treated as objects. We truly cannot believe how someone gets the courage to think of something like this and then put it as an advertisement. The netizens are furious and they are slamming the bar.

Even today people think women to be just objects that will smile around guests and attract them to make a crowd. It is indeed a very horrifying thought to realise that there are still such workplaces existing in the world and how unsafe, traumatising, and disrespectful these places can be for women.