Dubai Gets Its First Non-alcoholic Bar For Teetotalers And Mindful Drinkers

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Gets Its First Non-alcoholic Bar For Teetotalers And Mindful Drinkers

Are you the non-drinker in the group who always finds it challenging to choose from the mocktails? Say no more! There’s a new hotspot in the town to celebrate all the teetotallers in Dubai. NoLo is the new hub for mindful drinkers, and you should visit asap if you belong to this group. Head towards Dusit Thani Dubai to find this non-alcoholic bar.

Dubai’s First Ever Non-Alcoholic Bar

The new bar is expected to cater for the needs of teetotallers in style. The menu features traditional drinks and some speciality concoctions, all of which are “zero-proof” or devoid of any alcohol at all. This includes beverages such as the Spice Date Espresso Martini, Immune Highball, Smoked Honeycomb Old Fashion, and Lavender Bees Knees Royale. All beverages are created using ingredients from Lyre’s, a UK company renowned for its traditional spirits and wines that aren’t alcoholic.

Talking about mindful drinking, people can also relish dishes on the menu if they are vegan. NoLo features an expansive range of vegan dishes to tickle your taste buds.


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Other Mocktail Bar Concepts In Dubai

NoLo is not the country’s first of its sort. The first overseas location of the Irish bar without alcohol, The Virgin Mary Bar, debuted in Abu Dhabi in November. Locally marketed under the name TVM Abu Dhabi, the restaurant includes specialities such as Upbeet, Pink Preacher, and Tiki St.

Co-founder Vaughan Yates opened The Virgin Mary Bar Dublin in 2019. The initiative happened after noticing a rising demand for non-alcoholic drinks and a void in the market for upscale dry events.

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