A Cage Bed At Million Donkey Hotel In Italy

by Akriti Seth
A Cage Bed At Million Donkey Hotel In Italy

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Sleep amongst the stars of the Italian sky in a bed that can be rolled out into a cage suspended from the main wall in Million Donkey Hotel in Italy.

What Is It?

“Million Donkey Hotel” is located north of Naples in an Italian ancient mountain village called Prata Sannita is located in the city center. With 3 rooms and a bathroom, this hotel was created in a month’s time by some Austrian architects and local volunteers to promote rural economy and bring public back into this old area of Prata Sannita.

Picture Credits: subtilitas.site

The ruined and abandoned buildings in Prata Sannita are refurbished to create a large scattered hotel. It is a project by feld72, a collective of Italian, French and Austrian architects based in Vienna.

You must be wondering how, right?

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This Is How?

A vast collection of abandoned buildings now act as an incredible hotel for adventure seekers and lovers. With cave-like rooms built on the hillside, this place is par beyond just beautiful.

Picture Credits: subtilitas.site

Let me tell you about an astonishing feature of the hotel which is II Letto Volante (the wheel bed). This can be rolled out into a cage that is suspended from the main wall of the hotel which is build on a hillside.

Picture Credits: subtilitas.site

The guests can sleep in here amongst the truly beautiful night sky of the lovely Prata Sannita. You get the impression of sleeping under the starlit Italian sky, with gorgeous views of the countryside. Not for the faint-hearted, though but surely an experience of a lifetime.

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Picture Credits: feld72.at


How To Get There:

The nearest airport from Prata Sannita is the Naples Airport in Italy and then it’s a 2 hour taxi drive from the Naples Airport to Prata Sannita.

Best Time To Go: 

The best time to be here is the not so busy summers which is late April, May, September and early October. Avoid July, as its the hottest there then.

What Else Can Be Seen Around

The other tourist attractions are also Castello Di Prata SannitaChiesa di San pancrazio and Convento Francescano. These are some beautiful historic sights, churches and cathedrals that you can’t miss when here.

Or head to the Prata beach and just relax!

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Castello Di Prata Sannita | Picture Credits: castlesintheworld.wordpress.com

What To Eat?

Hello! Hello! You’re in Italy so why not head to one of the pizzerias, have a nice fresh oven-baked pizza along with some brilliant wine.

Deets For Million Donkey Hotel

Where: Prata Sannita Inferiore (Borgo Medioevale) I – 81010 Prata Sannita (CE) Provincia di Caserta, ITALIA
Info & booking: info@milliondonkeyhotel.net |  +39 339 1858454

Anyway! You’ve to go back to a luxurious cage to sleep in later. Right?