A Glowing Forest In India Near Goa!

by Madhusree Chatragadda 3821

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Harbouring architectural and natural marvels alike, India is a beautifully diverse land. Who knew it holds an entire forest that GLOWS too!


Credits: BBC

What Is It?

60 Kms from Panjim, Goa, lies a glowing wonderland you could never imagine was real! So what makes this forest glow? Bio-luminescent fungus!


It lightens up the forest in a cool glow all night long in the months of June to October. Mycena Genus Fungi scattered over the Western Ghats are behind this rare phenomenon.

What’s More?

These mushrooms only exist around Goa and Maharashtra in India!


Chorla Ghats is the place to head to pronto for a closer look at this magnificent phenomena. Get, set, hiking people in the glow of this insane forest now!