A Japanese Dessert Parlor In Bangalore Is Serving Their Iconic Mochi Ice Cream

by Aditi Singh
A Japanese Dessert Parlor In Bangalore Is Serving Their Iconic Mochi Ice Cream

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This Japanese dessert parlor in Bangalore is a haven for ice cream lovers. Kawaii is known to be serving the best mochi ( a Japanese style ice cream) ice cream in India.

What Is It 

Mochi ice cream is  a Japanese style dessert which is made with sticky rice. The outer soft shell is made with pounded sticky rice and then stuffed with flavored ice cream within the shell. Kawaii is known to bring these flavors to India directly from Thailand. We tried the Mango, Strawberry & Melon mochi ice creams and it was definitely out of the ordinary. The green tea and blueberry flavors are the most popular choices among the Bangalorean ice cream addicts.

The ice creams are  available in unique flavors like green tea, milky tea and red bean . These ice creams  are ideally to be eaten with toothpicks or hands. Though when it comes to the price,  mochi ice creams are on the higher side but a mouthful of some of these lingering flavors will satiate your dessert urge for sometime!  For a tangy flavor you can go for Lime. The  outer coating of sticky rice is slightly chewy but the ice cream filling seeps through your taste buds.

What Else

The setting of the parlor is unique. A  serene ambiance with grass textured floor but offers a limited space.  The ice creams are on  display , so you get a fair idea of what you might like . Long story short, ice cream lover or not it is definitely worth experiencing if you haven’t yet tried it.


Address:1685/1, 24th Cross, 27th Main, Sector 2, HSR, Bangalore
Cost: ₹500 for two people (approx.)
Contact: 080 49653196