A New Rooftop Restaurant Is Dishing Out Lebanese Cuisine Overlooking The Burj Al Arab In Dubai!

by Anupriya Mishra
A New Rooftop Restaurant Is Dishing Out Lebanese Cuisine Overlooking The Burj Al Arab In Dubai!

Lebanese cuisine is broadly defined as the food that originates from Lebanon. It is worth mentioning that hummus and dishes with flatbread are some of the main components of many Lebanese dishes. And if you are someone who appreciates Lebanese culinary traditions and would love to indulge in a feast with a fantastic view, then this article has been written especially for you. Dear foodies, we are here to tell you about a new restaurant in Dubai that’s offering all this and more. Here’s all you need to know about La Sirène.

La Sirène Is A New Restaurant In Dubai

A meal at La Sirène is bound to transport you on the streets of Lebanon with just a bite. This is a new restaurant that is situated inside the Avani Palm View Dubai Hotel & Suits. A beautiful rooftop restaurant offering both indoor and outdoor seating space, you will love the beautifully done-up interiors. For those who aren’t aware, La Sirène translates to a mermaid in French and this restaurant aims to capture the essence of the urban seaside in Beirut through its menu. Coming back to the interiors, it has been decorated with materials that have been sourced from Lebanon and it features vibrant paintings, including some by Michel Rouhana, a Lebanese painter. However, it’s the spectacular view of the Burj Al Arab that you get from the open air, which is bound to make you whip out your smartphones.

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What Can You Expect In The Menu?

La Sirine
Pic credits: https://www.avanihotels.com/en/palm-dubai/restaurants/la-sirene

Now talking about the menu, the dishes here are inspired by the café culture offering flavourful Mediterranean dishes in Beirut. So, it’s safe to assume that you can expect a variety of mezzes, bread, seafood, and traditional desserts. Talking about the signature dishes, don’t forget to gorge on Vegetable Platter, Moutabel, Shankleesh, Arayes, and Signature Fresh Crisp Red Snapper. Once you are done eating to your heart’s content, don’t forget to end your meal on a sweet note with their Kounafah and Mafroukeh!

Doesn’t it all sounds like the perfect way to enjoy your meal? Well, go ahead and surprise your loved ones with a fantastic meal that they will remember for days to come.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/avanipalmviewdubai