Get Paid To Eat! This Company In New York City Is Looking For Food Enthusiasts

by Mallika Khurana
Get Paid To Eat! This Company In New York City Is Looking For Food Enthusiasts

A job that brings you New York’s delicacies on the JD! They say you must not have your cake and eat it too. But JPMorgan has a job listing that says otherwise.  You will literally get paid to eat!

A website centred on publishing restaurant reviews, The Infatuation, has an opening for an editor for their New York office. This job will pay the editor anywhere from $85,000 to $130,000 as well as a significant benefit. The financial assistance company took over the website in 2021.

Not just that, the editor will be allotted $30,000 as an annual restaurant budget to allow them to dine out, sample all the food and beverages in the city, and review them.

This works out to $2,500 per month, $576.92 per week, or $82.19 per day if you choose to eat out every day of the year.

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A Job Description That Calls Out To The Foodie In You, And Yes You Get Paid To Eat

New York Food
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According to the job description, the Infatuation position is looking for a New York City-based senior editor with managerial and editing experience who is bothered by a missing comma or a misspelt menu item. The editor will need to edit the reviews, guides, and newsletters produced by The Infatuation, NYC. The job will involve indulging in food just as much as indulging in grammar.

The historical and cultural context of various cuisines, dishes, and neighbourhoods will also need to be explored and fact-checked by the senior editor.

The Infatuation Seeks An Explorer Of Food

The position requires the applicants to be based out of New York, hold at least five years of experience in copy editing, have an eye for detail and pointing out errors, and have a taste for New York food and fine dining.

The Infatuation is looking for an individual who lets their world revolve around food, is keen on new dining experiences, and has a knack for picking restaurants.

JPMorgan Chase purchased The Infatuation in 2021; it is currently available in 53 cities throughout the world.

Similar job openings from JPMorgan are available for writers in Seattle and London, with salaries between $58,000 and 80,000. The job calls for working nights and devouring food at as many restaurants as you can and composing their reviews. 

Not bad eh? Getting paid to eat. What do you think? Your cup of tea?

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