5 Reasons Why You Must Camp At This Paradise Called Sarchu In Ladakh

by Jinal Inamdar
5 Reasons Why You Must Camp At This Paradise Called Sarchu In Ladakh

Ever thought of spending a night amidst chilly mountains and lush green landscapes and waking up to snow-capped mountains? Well, your picture perfect representation of heaven is a reality in the Gold Drop Camps of Sarchu in Ladakh.

Based at a distance of 260 km from Leh and 230 Km from Manali, Sarchu’s Gold Drop Camp is a place I spent a night at, on my road trip from Leh to Manali. We were put up in a camp by WIYO Travel, who had organised our trip.

Had I planned the trip myself, I would never have discovered this gem. To make the experience worth remembering for a lifetime, WIYO also set us up in Gold Drop Camps, and what a treat that was!

Here are five reasons why everyone must stay at Sarchu at least once in their lifetime!

1. A Night At Nowhere

Sarchu is a region for the brave-hearts but those who have it are rewarded with the best sight ever!  Nestled between the tallest snow-capped mountains at an altitude of 14,300 feet, the weather here can be a big party-pooper. It is located right in between Leh and Manali and even in the month of August, it was snowing. But the minute you see beautiful cozy tents set against the backdrop of majestic mountains, you know you have done some good deed in your life. The sight is beyond mesmerising.

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Gold Drop, Sarchu, Ladakh

2. No Network

Sometimes the best way to lose yourself in nature is to lose your cellular network. Sarchu will force you to wonder, since the WiFi (and your phone network) is weak. It is also a military area. Disconnect from your everyday and experience the now. Stroll around, take a few pictures, talk to the locals, make new friends – live! Sarchu is God’s way to remind you to unwind a little and appreciate his creation.

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Gold Drop Camp

3. Experience Extreme Weather Conditions

Cushioned in the safe environment sans the pollution, a city goer will never know what it feels like to experience extreme weather conditions. It was sunny when I woke up. Suddenly it started raining and I was told the rain drops converted into snow flakes pretty soon!  I could even hear loud thud noises along with strong winds, blowing my tent canvas from the inside. That’s when I decided to sleep it off. With frozen fingers despite having two gloves on, I enveloped myself in the comfortable bedding and heating bag provided at Gold Drop tents.

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Gold Drop Camp

4. Waking Up To A View Worth Remembering For A Lifetime

Next morning, when I zipped open my tent, I had no clue I would witness what I did. White capped mountains, a clear blue sky and a breath of fresh air saying ‘good morning’ to me! No words would do justice to the sight I witnessed. The tent manager confirmed that the rains last night were followed by snow. And no wonder, the temperature had dipped to 5-6 degrees by now but every shiver was worth the beauty that stood in front of me!

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Snow capped mountains

5. Comfort Amidst Mountains

When you think of camping, you think of it as an adventure. But when you do with tour operators such as WIYO, luxury and comfort is guaranteed! Atleast that’s what we experienced. The tents were luxurious. The beds had a double winter bedding, a stool and an attached bathroom, which is a rarity. Imagine rushing to the mountains to attend nature’s call in the middle of the night? Thank God I didn’t have to do that! The amenities are basic but the beauty around makes up for it.

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Gold Drop Tent, Sarchu
Inside Gold Drop Tent
Inside Gold Drop Tent

Handy Tips

Do not underestimate the weather (the way I did)

Carry your woolens, ear muffs and gloves

Be prepared for no network

Get along some great music to listen to when you’re alone

Keep sipping on a lot of water to remain hydrated!

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Sarchu, Ladakh

Our Take On WIYO Travel

Jay Kantawala, owner of Wiyo Travel, is a passionate traveller himself and knew everything about Ladakh. He personally organised this FAM trip for team Curly Tales. WIYO is super organised in terms of itineraries and clearly knows the hidden gems of the destination. They were kind enough to let us take those adventurous detours as and when possible.

To book your trip through WIYO, please click here!

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